Automate scheduling with Skedulo MasterMind

Effective scheduling is essential for businesses that deliver services and products in the field. But manual scheduling often leads to missed appointments, unhappy customers, and suboptimal allocation—all with potential cost implications. With our powerful optimization engine, managers configure Skedulo to select the right employee based on job requirements, employee skill sets, certifications, availability, and travel time.

Schedule your deskless workforce at scale

Optimize by resource, location, or client need
Batch optimization for high-volume scheduling
Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs
Shift from reactive to proactive scheduling
Optimized routing

Reduce travel time for your mobile workforce

To ensure a great client experience, it’s crucial that your deskless workers get to the right site at the right time. Schedule smarter with recommendations to reduce travel time, cluster appointments by proximity, or speed up job completion.

  • Increase your organization’s work capacity

  • Improve resource utilization based on real-time availability

  • Measurably improve resource productivity and output

Automated Scheduling

Automatically schedule large volumes of work

Schedule for high-capacity jobs automatically, controlled by your constraints and business logic. Increase your scheduling team’s capacity and productivity with intelligent batch automation.

  • Eliminate the time-consuming processes required by manual scheduling

  • Execute batch optimization based on business objectives

  • Create optimization profiles for different business units

Powerful Rules Engine

Optimize scheduling based on your business objectives

It’s essential you have tools to help you schedule based on advanced requirements, like role, client, skillset, or location. Skedulo’s powerful optimization engine helps you save time by automatically creating schedules that balance the needs of your customers, business, and mobile workforce.

  • Specify rules based on what’s important for you

  • Optimize the most cost-effective schedule based on available resources or travel times

  • Dynamically calibrate rosters and schedules based on real-time business needs

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