Introducing Skedulo Pulse: The next chapter in our drive to support the deskless workforce

Skedulo has grown from strength to strength since our humble beginnings in 2013.  Driven by our passion to do right by our customers and solve their biggest scheduling challenges, we’ve been privileged to be recognised as a best-in-class product on the global stage. 

Over that time, we’ve also come to learn a lot about what our customers need to manage their field, mobile and deskless workers on the frontline. Supporting the deskless workforce—and their employers—has been a key motivating factor for us at every step of the way, which is why we’re particularly excited about this next phase in the Skedulo journey. 

In 2020, we announced the release of The Deskless Productivity Cloud where we introduced a variety of enhancements and new capabilities based on customer research to strengthen the core Skedulo platform.

Today, we are proud to introduce Skedulo Pulse Platform™: a further enhancement of the Skedulo platform that will ultimately help us solve 80% or more of the common customer requirements we see, as standard.

Why Skedulo Pulse Platform?

This year, I joined Skedulo as the new Head of Platform. Having worked extensively with Skedulo in a previous role, I was well aware of its reputation for continual improvement based on customer needs and was thrilled for the opportunity to be part of the company’s continued evolution.

The depth to which Skedulo has engaged with its customers has given rise to huge insights into the challenges, needs and opportunities that apply within a wide range of sectors. Throughout this journey, we’ve also been able to determine the common needs for the majority of organisations within certain sectors, and are excited to build our capability in a new way so we can solve these challenges out-of-the-box with the Skedulo Pulse Platform. 

The new platform layer will enable our customers to address their complex and varied requirements, making solutions easier to maintain while providing greater flexibility. Our goal is to help customers decrease the time to value in their implementations, so they can get their teams on the job quickly. 

Existing Skedulo customers will have seen elements of our platform technologies in recent releases, and can begin to leverage these over time.  New customers can make use of them to accelerate their adoption of the platform, such as the pre-built record pages and list views that allow them to manage custom data without having to build a custom UI. This platform based user interface will allow customers to quickly and easily build out a customised experience that addresses unique requirements and pain points.  

Designed with a human-centric approach to mobile workforce management, the platform is built on 5 key pillars which are integral to powering a deskless workforce solution:

Extensibility – The platform offers more flexibility in extending standard objects and creating custom objects and fields. Customised interfaces for desktop and mobile will boost user engagement, while an enhanced mobile experience with better-defined workflows will simplify work on the go for the deskless workforce.

Automation – We want to enable our customers to automate and streamline complex workflows with a few clicks, rather than having to code. Organisations are able to modify these workflows without requiring expensive developers, resulting in  improved alignment to the business need, increased reliability, and quicker time-to-service.

Intelligence – Skedulo Pulse leverages the power of AI and machine learning to simplify complex scheduling and help our customers drive efficiency, workforce utilisation, and growth without having to scale administration. More contextual data will also provide unprecedented insights and empower better decision making. 

Developer experience – The Skedulo Pulse Platform enables developers to innovate faster and unlock value for our customers sooner. In time, the platform will offer no-code, low-code and full-code experiences with more comprehensive APIs, developer tools, SDKs and design systems.

Security – Skedulo has always had a strong dedication to security and follows best practice security measures within every aspect of our product. With the Skedulo Pulse Platform, finer grained control over user access with configurable roles and permissions enable you to limit the actions and amount of data users see.

Exciting times ahead

The Skedulo Pulse Platform will provide the foundation for Skedulo’s suite of products—allowing customers to build out a complete and customised capability to fully manage and support their growing deskless workforce.

We are on a mission to do everything we can to best serve the 2.7 billion deskless workers worldwide (and their employers)…and we hope you will celebrate with us as we put this next foot forward in our journey.

To learn more about the Skedulo Pulse Platform and how it can help you revolutionize the way you manage your deskless workforce, please contact sales or book a free demo.