Skedulo + ServiceNow: Why Excellence in Customer Experience Matters Now More Than Ever

How the customer feels about your company is much more than a “feel-good” metric.

“Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020,” according to customer intelligence consultants at Walker. Forrester notes that 72% of businesses say “improving the customer experience” is their top priority—which makes sense, considering U.S. firms are losing $62 billion each year due to inadequate attention to the customer experience.

As customer expectations ramp up, businesses have responded by deploying solutions designed to improve the most critical parts of the customer experience. The integration of Skedulo with ServiceNow creates a cloud-based software stack that excels at putting the customer first and makes it easier for your business to retain and empower the best employees.

Here are three of the most common roadblocks to solving customer issues efficiently and one solution to address all of them.

Problem 1: Schedulers and dispatchers can’t see into the future to get a long-term view of capacity and service levels.

You can’t know the scope of the work in front of you when data inputs are scattered across multiple channels. Customer needs and service issues tend to come in from all kinds of sources, including customer service lines, web forms, random emails, executive directives, marketing surveys, and offhand comments to sales reps in the field.

Solution: ServiceNow brings order to the chaos, structuring incident capture and customer contact points into a central service level platform. Then Skedulo automatically evaluates worker skills and availability to assign tasks more intelligently. Together they comprise a comprehensive issue resolution chain, backed up by reliable metrics and data.

Problem 2: Field service workers have multiple schedules and outdated information, leading to missed appointments and unhappy customers.

The consumer app market has dialed up expectations on what excellence in field service looks like. Both B2B and B2C customers now expect service techs to have a mobile device so customers don’t have to wait around in 4-hour appointment windows or explain everything all over again when the service tech arrives.

Solution: ServiceNow streamlines the identification, logging, updating, and resolution of issues. Skedulo gives field workers the latest schedules and keeps the lines of communication open as situations evolve in real-time. Customers can stay in touch with field techs and be sure that they have the latest information. With both programs working together, problems get solved faster and customers know they are being heard.

Problem 3: Administrators are spending too much time on low-value, manual tasks.

Poor resource management blocks internal cash flows, makes workers less productive, and gives business leaders too little time to capitalize on emerging trends.

Solution: Automating manual drudgery can be more valuable and less expensive than hiring a new staff member. This could wind up being the biggest impact you will see from integrating Skedulo and ServiceNow. Performance enhancements from ServiceNow in combination with solving complex scheduling and dispatch problems with Skedulo together give you a command center dedicated to continual service improvement.

How Skedulo and ServiceNow Can Supercharge Your Brand

Your brand’s reputation for making the customer happy is something that no competitor can take away from you. Competing on price alone is a race to the bottom (and a race to the smallest margins), and competing on quality alone pits smaller companies against larger enterprises with much deeper pockets. But competing on excellence in customer experience is not only strategically effective, it moves your brand to a different category entirely.

Consumers seriously love their favorite brands, advocating and referring the business through all their private networks as they amplify marketing messages. These high-value customers are willing to pay more to be treated with consideration and thoughtful personalization.

Thanks to new cloud-based technology and processes, achieving and maintaining that personal touch as your customer base grows is actually easier than it sounds. The combination of advanced organizational logistics tools from Skedulo and ServiceNow help companies of all sizes deliver personalized service at scale.

What can your business accomplish with ServiceNow and Skedulo? Download our whitepaper on 5 Steps to Transform Your Mobile Workforce for more insights on achieving excellence in customer experience.