Skedulo + ServiceNow: Flawless Field Service & Mobile Workforce Scheduling

Today, myself and the entire Skedulo team are proud to announce our partnership and integration with ServiceNow, the enterprise cloud company. As a market leader in the emerging and ever-growing category of workforce scheduling and mobility, we’re extremely excited about what this means for new and existing ServiceNow customers alike.

Our integration with ServiceNow will help organizations deliver outstanding customer service by dispatching the right mobile workers with the right skills at the right time, and empowers their employees by providing a compelling and engaging mobile app to help get work done.

Over 70% of the U.S. workforce population is mobile, predominantly “desk-less”, and bring their own app-enabled device with them to work (or are provided a smart phone by the company they work for). In industries such as healthcare, IT services, nonprofits, and commercial services, the ability to quickly and accurately allocate the right team member to the right place at the right time is a critical requirement for success.

Skedulo’s mission is to help companies solve mobile scheduling challenges with intelligent resource and employee assignment, automation, real-time service updates, mapping & geo-tracking, and paperless workflows in the field—regardless of where the service request initiates. The integration with the ServiceNow Platform, ITSM and HR applications, provides field employees an application they love, on a mobile device they are already using, and helps organizations deliver an outstanding customer service experience.

Skedulo will allow ServiceNow customers to initiate scheduling and mobile work requests from anywhere in ServiceNow, whether it be an Issue, Incident, Work Order or any other native or custom object. Once initiated, ServiceNow users will be able to:

  • Schedule and assign work to team members based on skills, abilities, availability, location and other attributes.
  • Dispatch work to the Skedulo mobile app with accurate, real-time and contextual data in the field.
  • Allow mobile users on the Skedulo mobile app to manage their day, view their dispatched work, understand optimal travel routes, check in, take photos, update data, collect signatures, fill out forms and more.

During the last 3 years, and with over 2.5 million appointments scheduled by our customers, we’ve closely watched how service companies schedule and manage their teams – and expect them to do work on a mobile device. Very rarely are these processes disconnected from existing or future business processes in the company. Almost always they relate extremely closely to how work is initiated (selling something, servicing something, maintaining something), and the data that is generated and captured during this process is incredibly important to HR, billing and other downstream processes.

This partnership further validates our approach to building modern, flexible enterprise technology that connects seamlessly with a company’s other systems and workflow processes.

Skedulo will be available on the ServiceNow Store later in May. For information on the ServiceNow Store, please visit