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CSG is a leading provider of managed IT services and business technology solutions offering innovative technology as subscription services to more than 15,000 clients in Australia and New Zealand. With more than 40,000 devices at customer locations that require regular service, CSG needed a sophisticated scheduling and mobile workforce management solution to ensure timely, efficient, and high-quality customer service.

About CSG

More than 15,000 customers across Australia and New Zealand rely on CSG for support and end-to-end management of their IT infrastructure. In this competitive market, solution providers often differentiate on cost while guaranteeing high-quality service delivery governed by complex service level agreements (SLAs). To grow and thrive in this industry, CSG needed to streamline their processes and find greater operational efficiencies to control costs. They also needed to improve the performance and utilization of their service technicians..

CSG is a publicly listed (ASX:CSV) technology as a subscription business, with a complete portfolio of technology solutions to help customers maximise productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. With CSG, you can source all essential office IT needs from one supplier with one simple bill. CSG’s solutions–including Managed IT, Managed Print, Cloud Telephony, Boardroom Conferencing and Digital Display–are all offered as a subscription with full support.

Manual Process Blocked Growth and Digital Transformation Initiatives

As a technology company, CSG had deployed a solution to manage, schedule, and dispatch its service technicians, but it was not meeting the company’s needs.

“The process was technology-based, but very manual,” says Tony Grooby, Chief Business Transformation Officer at CSG. “There were a lot of different groups involved in the process of scheduling technicians, and a lot of phone calls back and forth to work controllers figure out where staff should be. So it was quite a time-consuming process with a lot of backend work to manage the data.”

When a customer service request came in, a scheduler or work controller would have to search through multiple spreadsheets to find a technician with the right skills and availability who could be dispatched to the job. Moreover, CSG had an added layer of complexity given each piece of equipment needs certain tools and parts. Inventory management was also a manual process as there was no real-time visibility into existing inventory or a simple way to place an order. As a result, schedulers, technicians, and area managers spent a great deal of time on the phone or exchanging emails to arrange site visits and track down parts. Connecting field service scheduling to the inventory management system in real time was a key requirement for CSG to solve this painful problem.

Adding to this inefficiency was the underutilization of their workers. Schedulers struggled to fill each technician’s workday because they could not easily see who was available at what time, nor who was close to any customer. Schedulers had no visibility as to the real-time status of their technicians who were deployed in the field. During travel to and from appointments, and often during the appointments themselves, the schedulers had no reliable way to contact technicians.

Augmenting a Complex Salesforce Instance with Skedulo

“We rolled out Salesforce about four years ago, and Skedulo was part of that deployment, which was a great success,” says Grooby of the 2014 project. In addition to being a native solution on Salesforce, Skedulo’s flexibility was critical to CSG’s decision to choose it among the many vendors evaluated.

“Skedulo’s willingness to work with us to develop a solution not only for our needs, but for the industry’s, has been incredible. It made the integration with our inventory management system seamless,” said Fred Voight, Group Technical Service Manager at CSG.

In its work to continually improve its operations, CSG undertook an evaluation of its entire tech stack, concluding the 12-month long process in 2018. The result was a decision to increase investment in the Salesforce platform, with Skedulo’s native solution being a key factor in the choice.

“We’ve re-evaluated Skedulo and how we manage our field services, and we’ve re-confirmed that Skedulo is the best product for us to meet our customers’ needs. Skedulo as a partner is helping us enact a customer-centric view of our systems.”
Tony Grooby
Chief Business Transformation Officer, CSG

Integrations to Connect Inventory to the Field

“Skedulo’s willingness to work with us has been incredible. It made the integration with our inventory management system seamless,” said Fred Voight, Group Technical Service Manager at CSG. Using Skedulo’s mobile app, CSG technicians manage their appointments and access details about their customers and associated jobs, including repair history, next scheduled service date, equipment requirements, and real-time inventory visibility.

In particular, Skedulo’s ability to show a technician working on a job not only what is currently in inventory, but also whether another nearby tech has parts needed for a job. So instead of going back to a warehouse or other location to replenish parts, field techs near each other can meet, swap parts, and complete their jobs.

“Skedulo automatically routes all the information through in the back so the correct van is replenished at the right time. So Skedulo does all of that work for us, which is excellent,” says Grooby.

As CSG has critically examined its technologies and made changes to central systems, Skedulo’s ability to integrate with many other types of solutions, including inventory management and financial software, has been extremely valuable to the company.

“Skedulo is excellent at integration. We’ve had a changing environment at CSG—our inventory environment is changing, our financial system is changing—but Skedulo has been able to integrate with all of those seamlessly. That’s why it’s still a core part of our solution set; it’s easily able to integrate with whatever solution you want to have in your field services stream.”

CSG Better Serves Customers and Employees with Skedulo

Using Skedulo has helped CSG deliver such high-quality field service that its customers have noticed the difference. “Our customers actually love the fact that we are using Skedulo because not only do we complete the work, but we have a survey at the end of every job that the customer signs off on,” says Grooby. “Our field technicians are very highly regarded for their customer service, and Skedulo is part of that service we give to our customers.” By collecting data at the end of every customer interaction, CSG has been able to track its net promoter score (NPS) and use that information to further improve service and be more customer-centric.

Field technicians at CSG have also found their jobs are easier thanks to the intelligence, connectivity, and visibility that Skedulo provides.

“The field technicians really like it because they don’t have to come back to the office to know what they need to do. They have everything they need. They can see the job, the history of the jobs, what parts have been used before, who worked with the customer before. If there is something really tricky, they can contact the person who worked on the job before. So it gives a complete view of how the customer has been serviced,” says Grooby.

Given the success of the partnership, it is no surprise that CSG will expand its use of Skedulo into its New Zealand offices, more than doubling the number of field technicians on the platform in six months.


“The reason I would recommend Skedulo is that they have been a partner with us. Over the last four years, as our needs from the product have grown, the solution that they have offered has grown. It does what it says it will do, all the time.”
Tony Grooby
Chief Business Transformation Officer, CSG

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