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Hayward Tyler

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Hayward Tyler, a specialty manufacturer of motors and pumps, was struggling to manage the schedules of its highly demanded field service team. Learn how Skedulo brought sales, technicians, and managers together on one system to coordinate specialized customer service and improve business planning.  

About Hayward Tyler

Hayward Tyler designs, manufactures and services performance-critical electric motors and pumps to meet the most demanding of applications for the global energy industry. With offices in the U.S., UK, China and India, Hayward Tyler serves some of the world’s most complex business needs with highly customized solutions.

“The biggest challenge was the visibility of our field service team, their schedules, and their resources to our sales team, which is remote as well,” explains Larry Jacobs, director of sales and marketing at Hayward Tyler.

With the sales team on the road 50% to 80% of the time, getting access to the information they needed to manage their accounts was painful. Spreadsheets, emails, and disconnected systems were not only causing delays but missed appointments, double bookings and confusion, especially as customers’ schedules and needs evolved in real-time.

Hayward Tyler connects Sales, Field Service and HQ with Skedulo

With Skedulo’s native solution to Salesforce, Hayward Tyler is able to effectively schedule its dedicated field service technicians as well as team members in production and manufacturing who frequently support field projects.

Connecting Sales and Field Technicians to serve customers

“Customers are liking the fact that they get the field service engineer they want, when they want it. Our salespeople like it because they aren’t in the dark. Before that, they were just flying blind. With Skedulo and the mobile app, they can see where the resource is and whether they are available so we don’t end up double booking or miss an appointment.”
Larry Jacobs
Larry Jacobs
Director, Sales and Marketing at Hayward Tyler

Data and forecasting

“I can forecast order intake because I know when field service technicians are scheduled in Skedulo, and then I can forecast revenue because I can see how long they are scheduled for. So if they are there for 10 days, I know they are going to invoice on the 12th day, and then the revenue will hit in that month or that week. That’s key for us.”
Larry Jacobs
Larry Jacobs
Director, Sales and Marketing at Hayward Tyler

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