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Intelligent Field Service Scheduling & Dispatching

Skedulo makes managing field service easy. With Skedulo, you can schedule new jobs and appointments, communicate in real-time with your mobile employees, and automatically assign new jobs based on employee availability and qualifications.

Master your mobile workforce with Skedulo’s intelligent scheduling platform.

Simple Scheduling Designed for Complexity in the Field

Traditional field service tools are simply no longer sufficient for most businesses. Home services and healthcare, training, utilities, and construction have all changed, but the tools to manage them have stayed the same. Mobile work can last an hour or it can span weeks, often with very little lead time for either. The needs in the field are just too complex to be managed in spreadsheets or with outdated tools.

If you have workers in the field, you need Skedulo for mobile workforce management.

Reach More Customers Every Day

Skedulo’s intelligent scheduling increases the number of jobs you can handle and reduces the time spent on each call, allowing you to reach more of your customers on any given day.

Book Appointments, Not Windows

Skedulo’s field service platform factors in travel time and other commitments so you can give your customers a precise appointment time, rather than an estimated service window.

Improve Back Office Efficiency

Automate your field service scheduling to reduce operating costs and labor commitments, and instantly deliver data from the field to keep business moving.

Analyze & Predict Job Pipeline

See the availability and capacity of your entire workforce, and generate robust reports to help forecast service demand and manage your mobile workforce.

Help Your Mobile Employees Work Efficiently

Skedulo helps you cut down on rework and redundancy by dispatching mobile employees exactly where and when they are needed. Our intelligent scheduling platform factors in travel time, requirements of the job, and other factors so you know your field workers are making the most of their time.

The Skedulo mobile app enables you to connect with your employees in real-time, no matter where they are. Use the app to share updated schedules instantly so everyone is on the same page, ensuring your employees arrive on time with everything they need. The Skedulo mobile app also has offline capabilities, giving employees in the field access to key information in any environment.

Control Costs and Streamline Your Field Operations

The Skedulo platform is designed to simplify your field work as well as your back office. Skedulo’s intelligent reports enable you to analyze your field service productivity and avoid overstaffing (or understaffing) at critical times. Our robust reports help you identify trends that may impact customer service either today or down the road.

Skedulo integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and ServiceNow, helping you make the most of your customer data. Jobs can be scheduled directly from your CRM, or information can be synced to reduce rework and redundancies for your back office employees.

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Customize Skedulo to Your Field Service Needs

Skedulo offers customized solutions for companies that have unique needs in the field. We have created custom systems and deployments for industries like healthcare, telecom, and nonprofit. See how Skedulo’s flexible scheduling platform has been customized for these companies.

Where Food Comes From

Independent contractors for Where Food Comes From need to be able to work in remote areas without reliable internet or phone access. Skedulo deployed a custom solution for Where Food Comes From, helping them provide offline information to contractors and set custom access controls to secure company information.

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New Jersey Respiratory Associates

Respiratory therapists for New Jersey Respiratory Associates (NJRA) needed an efficient way to organize and schedule their in-home visits for 90 nursing homes across New Jersey. NJRA deployed a customized mix of Skedulo and Salesforce, which helped NJRA eliminate hidden expenses and be more efficient with therapists’ time.

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Collect Information Straight From the Field

With Skedulo, employees in the field can capture photos, field notes, surveys, signatures, and more from customer appointments. All information is captured securely, helping you fulfill compliance requirements, and can be synced directly with your CRM.

Skedulo also helps your back office organize and track field information—without the need for paper, spreadsheets, or other manual scheduling tool. Invoicing and sales processes are simplified with a centralized location for customer data gathered from the field. All field notes are captured and tracked, allowing you to automate certain tasks and improve administrative efficiency.

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Make Customers Happy With Your Field Service Operation

Take ownership of the customer experience by giving your mobile workforce the best resources to make your customers happy. Skedulo gives you the tools to make your field service a competitive advantage.

Give your field employees the tools they need

Give your mobile employees the most accurate, up-to-date information they need to provide excellent service. Share important details and customer history right on their smartphone so they understand the job before they even arrive.

Give your customers the peace of mind they want.

“Estimated service windows” create uncertainty and frustration for customers. Skedulo factors in travel time, employee location, and other intelligent scheduling factors to help you set exact service appointments and wow your customers.

Try Skedulo's intelligent field service platform today

Skedulo’s sophisticated scheduling platform is designed to make your field service operation shine. Request a demo to learn more about how the Skedulo software and mobile app can streamline your field service operation.