Field service

Intelligent field service management software

Digitally transform your Field Service business with Skedulo. Skedulo allows you to optimize schedules, improve productivity, and cut costs.

Build and shift dynamic schedules

Resource effectively
Automatically optimize schedules and travel routes to provide precise appointment times (not windows).
Empower the field
Our easy-to-use mobile app empowers teams to accept work, navigate work, and view details including job-specific tasks.
Reduce costs
Automate your field service scheduling and dispatching to reduce operating costs and labor commitments.
Increase visibility
View and manage the availability and capacity of your entire deskless workforce.

Simple scheduling & dispatching designed for complexity in the field

Home services and healthcare, training, utilities, and construction have all changed, but the tools to manage them have stayed the same. The needs in the field are just too complex to be managed in spreadsheets or with outdated tools.

Skedulo’s field service scheduling software is built to meet the needs of the modern field service industry, with automated scheduling to eliminate errors and inefficiencies, and SMS and push notifications to communicate with workers instantly.

Save valuable time with optimized routing and schedules

  • Better manage and engage your field service team with purpose-built scheduling and route optimization solution.
  • Minimize worker windshield time with estimates based on historical traffic information.
  • Empower your employees to be more autonomous, flexible, productive, and happy in their roles.

Control costs and streamline your field operations

The Skedulo platform is designed to simplify your field work, as well as your back office. Skedulo’s intelligent reports enable you to analyze your field service productivity and avoid overstaffing (or understaffing) at critical times. Our robust reports help you identify trends that may impact customer service either today or down the road.

Skedulo integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow, helping you make the most of your customer data. Jobs can be scheduled directly from your CRM, or information can be synced to reduce rework and redundancies for your back office employees.

Our software is powerful and flexible to optimize your scheduling and dispatch operations to meet your unique business needs. 

Empower your field team

Regardless of the size of your workforce or the complexity of the work, the Skedulo Deskless Productivity Cloud simplifies every aspect of scheduling to help your business and people be as productive as possible. Reduce operating costs by maximizing workforce utilization, and empower employees with everything they need to do their best work via Skedulo’s intuitive mobile app.

Utilize every resource effectively

Today’s customers demand maximum efficiency, and any service provider who wants to survive a hyper-competitive landscape must be ready, willing, and able to deliver it. Skedulo can take your business (and profits) to the next level by creating efficiencies you never thought possible.

  • Automatically optimize your field service schedules and travel routes
  • Maximize daily appointments and reduce time spent on each job
  • Increase back-office productivity with automated scheduling and dispatching

All of your data in one place

Skedulo allows field workers to securely capture photos, notes, surveys, signatures, and more during customer appointments.

Easily meet industry compliance requirements and sync information directly with your CRM. Empower back-office staff to organize and track information—without the need for paper, spreadsheets, or other manual scheduling tools. Simplify invoicing and sales processes with a centralized location for customer data gathered from the field.

Customer case studies

“We currently complete around 23,000 individual inspection per annum. Skedulo enables us to schedule, allocate and monitor completion of these jobs across a wide range of technicians and subcontractors.”
Dan Stewart
National Operations Manager, ECL Group Compliance Services
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“It extends to our customer base a level of transparency that they enjoy. We’re able to measure capacity in real-time. We’re able to make sound logistical pairings, so our efficiency has improved, and of course translates into better service to them and more competitive pricing structures.”
Jarrod Wachter
Vice President Field Operations, AWP
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"To someone considering Skedulo, I would say that it’s going to allow you more complexity in your field management. It’s going to give you a tight integration to Salesforce, or whatever platform you want to use. And it allows you to connect the different areas of your business."
David Benoit
Owner and President, ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver
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