Workforce Scheduling for NDIS Care

Workforce Scheduling for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Workforce Scheduling for NDIS

As an Australian-based organisation, Skedulo understands the regulations and requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Use Skedulo to efficiently manage and schedule your mobile caregivers.

Deliver High-Quality NDIS Care

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the most significant changes the Australian healthcare market has ever seen. Under the NDIS, money that used to be doled out by state or territory governments is now given directly to clients, who have the power to move from provider to provider as they choose. This new system gives users more options and more control over their own healthcare services—which means more competition in the market.

Australian healthcare providers must adapt IT systems, payment processes, and more to serve the 460,000+ Australians expected to use NDIS support by 2019. Companies that are well-versed in the existing disability system are working particularly hard to re-evaluate their workflows and set up efficient, intelligent systems that help them stay ahead in the new marketplace.

Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy With Intelligent Scheduling

Skedulo is an Australian-built scheduling platform that meets the unique needs of NDIS-ready providers. Our intelligent scheduling software makes it easy to manage the entire mobile workforce and coordinate patient care between mobile workers, caregivers, support staff, and schedulers. With native Salesforce integration and rich APIs, healthcare providers can build the perfect custom solution for intelligent scheduling.

Match the Right Caregivers to Patients

Skedulo’s intelligent scheduling platform helps you match the ideal caregiver to the patient based on patient history, caregiver qualifications, desired language, and more.

Optimize Workforce Performance

Generate performance reports from Skedulo to help you view the true capacity of your workforce and reduce transportation costs.

Set Reliable Appointment Times

With Skedulo, you can account for caregiver availability and travel time to set precise appointments—not estimated service windows.

Deliver Outstanding Patient Care

Providers can use the Skedulo app to securely share patient details with caregivers so they are ready to provide outstanding service at every appointment.

View Webinar: “NDIS Customer Journey from a Mobile Workforce Management perspective”

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is on the continual roll-out in Australia. Your attention is in every direction right now, ensuring you’re meeting hourly rates, managing cashflow, and attending to your Service Workers’ needs. It’s quite often we forget to focus our attention on the customer and what they require from you as an NDIS Service Provider. Hear from Matt Fairhurst, CEO & Co-Founder of Skedulo, as he delves into the NDIS Customer Journey from a Mobile Workforce Management perspective,

Skedulo for NDIS Organizations

Skedulo’s mobile workforce scheduling and management software has helped companies schedule over 3 million appointments. NDIS-ready healthcare providers turn to Skedulo for intelligent resource mapping, real-time service updates, geo-tracking, paperless workflows, and much more.

Intelligent Scheduling for NDIS Service Providers

Skedulo cuts the time it takes to schedule your field workers in half, saving you more time to focus on your customer’s needs. Labor represents 80% of your turn over and you want to make sure your mobile workforce is meeting travel costs.

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