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The Skedulo Guide to Surviving Dreamforce

Incase you didn’t know… Dreamforce is just around the corner. This is an exciting time to catch-up with industry peers, network, and learn new things that you can apply to your career. But with great social activity and motivation, comes sapped energy, FOMO, and feeling overwhelmed.

Surviving Dreamforce is quite the feat, that’s why the team here at Skedulo have put together our best tips & tricks to help you on your way! Whether you’re a seasoned Dreamforce veteran or an industry newbie, these tips will help you get the most out of your Dreamforce experience.

Before Dreamforce

1. Success is With a Community

Head to the Trailblazer Community and join the all Dreamforce Group or the New to Dreamforce group. Join discussions and post questions you may have in these groups. It’s a great way to make news friends and get in the Dreamforce spirit.

2. Accommodation

Have you booked your accommodation yet? There is still time, but don’t leave it too late. Check out the latest hotel deals, Airbnb, or even try the community groups to see if someone may want to split their accommodation costs. If all else fails, you can always try some of the nearby hostels.

3. The Meeting List

Start reaching out to your Linkedin connections to see if they’re attending Dreamforce. This is a great way to meet those in the industry that you haven’t met in person. A simple “Are you going to Dreamforce?” will suffice. There will be plenty of your connections that would appreciate having a few extra Trailblazers to storm Dreamforce together.

HOT TIP: Are you looking for a native solution to help you with your business challenges? Dreamforce is a great time to meet solution providers. If you’re looking for a mobile workforce management solution, be sure to add Skedulo to your meeting list.

4. Planning Your Session Agenda

Check out the ‘Sessions’ page and start listing what you’d like to do and where you’d like to go. A good way to do this is by adding a ‘1st’, ‘2nd’, or ‘3rd’ to each session to identify which has greater priority. That way, incase some sessions overlap when the timetable is released, you can easily identify which holds more value prior and circle that session as a priority.

HOT TIP: Come visit Skedulo and register for our Dreamforce sessions. These include:

  • The Evolution of Field Service Management: Going Beyond Break/Fix Use Cases – Reserve a Seat
  • Unblocking Growth and Retaining Talent in Home and Coordinated Healthcare – Reserve a Seat
  • How to Improve Mobile Workforce Visibility (and Why it Matters) – Reserve a Seat

Seats fill up fast, so be sure to reserve yours!

During Dreamforce

5. What to Pack!

Start with the desktop computer, the kitchen, and the dog! Please don’t. In all seriousness, you will only need the travel essentials.


San Francisco weather is pretty unpredictable, heating up to 73F and falling as low as 54F. Layer your clothing to avoid working up a sweat when running between sessions, have something easy to take off and put back on. Comfortable shoes are an essential as you’ll be standing most of the day.


Keep your laptop at home. If you really need a device, bring a tablet. That coupled with your phone will get you through each day. A small phone charger and charging cord is also helpful in combined with the charging stations that will be available throughout the conference.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to exchange contact details without draining battery on your phone trawling through Linkedin. They don’t have to be fancy! Just a name, company, and contact details.

Other handy items include hand sanitizer, mints, and Vitamin C. With great crowds comes plenty of sharing, and often times germs are a part of that exchange.

6. Hydration

Drink water! Bring a bottle that you can refill or pick one up from one of the sponsors during the day. With all the walking, socializing, and coffee drinking, you will get dehydrated faster than you think.

7. Positive Energy and Good vibes

Smile! Your energy will be a make or break for those around you. Share positive stories and experiences, help those that may be lost and initiate conversation.

8. Getting Around

If you don’t have Lyft or Uber, now is the time to download the app! Aside from walking, this is an easy way to get around in San Francisco. Events and sessions will be located throughout San Francisco, so be sure to get a good idea of travel time in between to avoid missing sessions and getting stuck in traffic when it could’ve been a five minute walk or cycle.

Cycling: Avoid the surge pricing and consider renting a bike. You can hire a bike using Ford GoBike or Jump to get around Dreamforce with ease.

9. Get Caffeinated outside of Dreamforce

We all love a free coffee, but if you require caffeine to stay alive like I do, then pick one up on the way to Dreamforce. This’ll save you time in the endless coffee queues to spend on exploring! If you’re a bit of a coffee snob (also me) then download the Beanhunter app that helps you find great coffee shops nearby.

If you do end up in the queue anyhow, use the time to network with those in front and behind you. You’ll be sipping on coffee goodness in no time!

10. Take a ‘Snap’ of the Session Titles

You might find a session you attended really helpful and perhaps there were some slides that you can’t live without! If you take a quick snap of the session title, this will help you find it easily once Dreamforce is over.

11. Free Goodies and Giveaways

Let’s be honest – some of us attend Dreamforce to also stock up on a year’s worth of notebooks, pens, and water bottles. Be sure to bring a collapsable or recycled bag to help with the extra luggage. There are plenty of hidden gems in the Dreamforce lounges. Visit the Skedulo lounge for our awesome T-shirts. Get in quick though, they’re always a hot giveaway and supplies are limited.

12. We like to Party!

What is Dreamforce without a late night boogie and great conversation? From silent disco’s to cocktail parties, your nights will be all about parties and less about getting extra sleep! You can reserve a spot to several of these by booking ahead.

HOT TIP: Skedulo is hosting a networking happy-hour on the last night of Dreamforce. Register now to get the secret Speakeasy Password that grants entry into this exclusive event.

After Dreamforce

13. Stay in touch!

The excitement is gone, along with all of your energy. But it’s not over yet! Continue the conversation with those you networked with on social platforms.

14. Apply Your takeaways

What did you learn from Dreamforce and how can it be applied to your Salesforce expertise, career, or personal life? Use the weekend to list your learnings and how you will apply these. Afterall, you came to Dreamforce to grow

We hope you found these tips helpful! Visit the Skedulo Dreamforce page and register for some of our upcoming sessions on all things mobile workforce management.