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How to Champion your Deskless Workforce with On-Demand Pay

Life can be tough, even more so now, but we are all in this together and small acts of kindness and appreciation can make a world of difference. As an organization that employs frontline, deskless and hourly workers, you have the opportunity to be a champion of your workforce. Making some additions to your company culture and employee benefits program can help to attract, retain and empower your talent. Join our on-demand fireside chat with Wendy Kinney (EVP, Global Sales & Solutions at Skedulo) and Jen Terrell (VP, Employer Partnerships at Rain) as they look at how additions to company benefits programs, like a pay on-demand option, can improve employee financial wellness—resulting in alleviated stress, confident employees and overall increased employee happiness. This discussion will cover: - An overview of earned wage access - How you can help your workforce recognize the value of their work - Improving employee retention and happiness through financial wellness Speakers & Moderator: - Wendy Kinney, EVP, Global Sales & Solutions at Skedulo - Jen Terrell, VP, Employer Partnerships at Rain - Chelsea Basilotta, Senior Manager, Partner Alliances at Skedulo