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Trends in the Shifting Point of Care: What you need to know when evaluating new tech

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In this ebook, we’ll explore both the factors fueling the shifting point of care and what the shift means in practical terms for providers.

We’ll also outline the critical role mobile technology can play in managing the many new demands and facilitating the transformation.

If you’ve ever had an appointment with a medical provider from your tablet or computer, noticed a new health clinic opening inside a retail store or had care delivered in the comfort of your own home, then you’ve experienced firsthand one of the many ways healthcare is changing.

The point of care is shifting. Not so long ago, healthcare took place mostly in the standard settings of hospitals and medical clinics. Now, more and more providers are opening satellite clinics, splitting their time between different office locations, embracing telehealth or even conducting home visits, a reprise of the old physician house calls that were popular many decades ago.

There are many factors behind this shift, including the rise of value-based care payment models, better reimbursement for virtual and home visits, and consumers’ heightened expectations that their healthcare be both accessible and more convenient. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the changes.