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How to Better Retain and Enable your Mobile Workforce - 2022 State of Deskless Work Survey Findings

Webinar on-demand: 
How to Better Retain and Enable your Mobile Workforce, Findings from the 2022 State of Deskless Work Survey

The past two years of distributed work and accelerated digital transformation have changed work for the better for knowledge workers who do their work from a desk. But what about the other 80% of the global workforce who is highly mobile and works in the field?

How has the recent workplace evolution impacted mobile workers? What gains have been made in helping mobile workers be more autonomous and effective? Where are there opportunities to improve mobile worker satisfaction, retention and productivity?

This webinar will provide insights from a recent survey of over 1,000 US-based workers and highlight their perspectives about job experiences and expectations. In this webinar, you’ll come away with a series of recommendations for how you can better enable and retain your mobile workers based on the findings from the survey.


  • James Huddleston, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Skedulo

Host & Moderator:

  • Miles Szkoda, Field Technologies Online