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Reopening the World at Scale: High Capacity Scheduling

The 2020 global economic shutdown has been historic. New information is presented every day, but one fact remains true: COVID-19 is unpredictable and continues to spread. City centers, polling locations, theaters and stadiums are susceptible to disorganization, crowding, and unhealthy conditions. High Capacity Scheduling ( is safe, secure, hands-free scheduling and appointment setting for the masses that can be quickly deployed regionally or nationally to ensure public health. As economic planners and public health officials balance risk and weigh options for reopening, they must find controlled and effective methods to avoid crowding and solve for social distancing at scale. This requires a deliberate balance between the need to organize and deliver services, public health, events and gatherings at scale, with extreme levels of organization and safety. Listen as our CEO, Matt Fairhurst, dives deeper into how high capacity scheduling addresses the complexities of reopening our economy. - How does high capacity scheduling work? - What are the high capacity scheduling use cases? - The successes of high capacity scheduling for COVID testing.