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The Future of Food Service: How Sodexo is Leading the Way

How does one of the world’s largest employers manage their workforce, while investing in their employees, innovating in their industry, and providing high quality service to their clients? Brent Bloomberg, CTO at Sodexo, is here to answer just that. With 400,000 employees, Sodexo is a global food services company with expertise in retail and brands, food delivery, vouchers, and digital food ordering services. They even have a home service business that serves 100,000,000 consumers every day. In this episode, we discuss: How Sodexo innovated their service offerings through the pandemic Sodexo’s approach to investing in and empowering their employees Why Sodexo is so careful when considering new technology and new methods How Sodexo addresses the challenge of scheduling optimization for their workforce The future of employee needs and how Sodexo is preparing to meet them. For more information about Brent and Sodexo, visit: Brent’s LinkedIn: Sodexo’s Website: For more information about Skedulo, visit