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Skedulo makes it easy to organize and oversee your entire deskless workforce on a single platform in one view — regardless of whether they operate from fixed locations, out in the field, or both. Rapidly align work requirements with staff skillsets and availability, and refine schedules so they can be applied quickly to meet future demands.



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Skedulo works best for companies with more than 50 mobile workers.
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Manage shifts and field work in one place

Manage schedules for fixed locations and mobile field work
Create optimized schedules by resource, location, or client
Maximize productivity with complete visibility of utilization
Accurately track time spent working on-site and in the field

Use powerful smarts to match the right person to the work

Manage advanced scheduling requirements by role, client, skillset, or location. Save time by using Skedulo’s optimization engine to automatically create schedules that balance needs from the customer, the business, and the mobile workforce


Improve the bottom line with accurate forecasting

Reduce the need for overtime and save valuable resources by having complete visibility of resource utilization. Seamlessly manage a blended, casual, or contract workforce that fluctuates due to demand. Effectively deploy staff between locations and out in the field to cover shortages and reduce the need for agency staff.


Track employee hours and capture field data on any mobile

Say goodbye to paper-based time tracking with the Skedulo mobile app where employees can clock on and off directly from their smartphone. Capture all the data you need from the field with custom forms and easy photo uploads. It even works offline.

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Manage complex recurring work patterns with ease

Skedulo allows you to create shift and roster templates based on resource requirements and customer demand to save you time in generating the perfect roster. Manage single shifts, recurring appointments, or even irregular work patterns.


Fill empty shifts in an instant

If someone calls in sick, find a qualified replacement at the click of a button using work offers. Filter up or down based on region, skillset or qualification to determine how narrow or wide a pool to target. Or simply let employees swap shifts with eligible team members.


Integrate easily with your HR and Payroll systems

Skedulo is built for integration with a range of pre-built, configurable, and customizable integrations. Send accurate timesheet data captured in Skedulo to payroll, or use Skedulo to forecast labour costs using data from your HR system or Award Interpreter.

Customer Case Studies

“Beyond Skedulo’s proven leadership in managing mobile workforces, the people are fantastic. We’ve had great experiences working with the company building a solid partnership that we know is going to serve us for quite a while into the future.”
Jeff Hallett
VP of Product Management
“We knew we had room for overall process improvement and greater efficiency, but we needed a system that would sit natively in Salesforce and be able to manage all the data points that go into a scheduling decision.”
Joe Zito
Vice President of Information Technology
“With the analytics that come with Skedulo, we know where they’re going, we know which crews are most productive, and we can find opportunities to collect more furniture and deliver more furniture—the opportunities are endless for us.”
Dan Kershaw
Executive Director

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