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Reduction in paper-based work:

About Mainmark

Mainmark is a privately-owned Australian business. It provides ground engineering and asset preservation solutions in residential, industrial, commercial, civil engineering and mining industries. Mainmark has seven offices in Australia and New Zealand and wholly-owned subsidiaries in Thailand, Japan, and the United Kingdom.


Mainmark needed a user-friendly, mobile workforce management solution that would reduce its reliance on paper-based processes and support multi-day, multi-resource scheduling.

“The business needed to move from paper-based processes to digital processes. We had a huge amount of paper-based work, combined with Excel spreadsheets and information on whiteboards. We decided to go digital to both become more efficient, and do more with less.”
Kimberley Bradbury, Salesforce Platform Manager


With Skedulo integrating with Salesforce, Mainmark has realized benefits including integrated sales and operations processes and better visibility across the business.

“For managers, daily dashboards give a helicopter view of what we have scheduled and how we’re performing against targets. All that information is at our fingertips and allows us to modify our trajectory, which is very powerful... We’ve gone from 100% paper-based to 90% digital.”
Kimberley Bradbury, Salesforce Platform Manager


The deployment of Skedulo at Mainmark has been a success. The design and implementation process went reasonably smoothly and Mainmark was able to realize the business benefits of mobile workforce management, including scheduling.

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