Native Salesforce Integration

Schedule employees directly from Salesforce

Connect employee scheduling with Salesforce data to drive productivity and empower your mobile workers, all through the integration with Skedulo.
Salesforce integration
Empower your mobile workers
Give employees everything they need in the field by sharing Salesforce customer data right on their mobile device.
Create new jobs from Salesforce
Create new jobs and appointments right from Salesforce so you never miss an opportunity to serve your customers.
Automate data entry processes
Eliminate data silos and manual data entry. Updates and information are automatically synced between the job site and Salesforce.
Find the right employee for the job
Match workers to jobs based on certifications, availability, history, and more when you combine Skedulo and Salesforce.

Get powerful insights about your workforce

When you integrate Skedulo and Salesforce, you get a rich set of tools to analyze your performance. With easy-to-use dashboards, you can review and analyze team capacity, get valuable data about departure and arrival times, project future scheduling needs, and prepare for low-volume or high-volume periods of service. Make educated decisions about managing and scheduling your workforce with high-quality data from Skedulo and Salesforce.

Share data in real-time to reduce inefficiency

With the Skedulo app, you can automatically connect job data with your Salesforce system of record. Cut down on administrative inefficiency by automating the scheduling process, and reduce rework by syncing information from the field in real-time. Your mobile employees can collect data out in the field—including paper surveys, customer feedback, signatures, and other on-site information—and your back office will see the updates come through Salesforce instantly.

Skedulo and Salesforce For Mobile Workforce Management

Learn how Skedulo can help you automate your daily processes with paperless workflows—and give you crucial insight into what’s happening in the field.

Schedule new jobs from anywhere in Salesforce

Skedulo and Salesforce offer several ways to create new jobs and appointments, keeping your business processes streamlined. Initiate a scheduling request from a case, opportunity, work order, or any other object in Salesforce to get your mobile employees out to customers.

Secure, HIPAA-compliant scheduling

All of your company data—from employee schedules to detailed customer information—is secure with Skedulo and Salesforce. Skedulo partners with trusted, secure platforms to deliver high-quality data security and comprehensive user authentication. Whether you are a healthcare business, a financial institution, or another highly regulated company, Skedulo is committed to providing a compliant, secure scheduling system.

“Our ability to schedule efficiently is necessary to provide high-quality care and service … We were shocked to see the effect Skedulo had in enabling us to do more with less. These benefits extended beyond just our mobile workforce. We saw greater efficiency in our back-office operations, invoicing, and sales.”
Greg Pino
VP Operations & Sales, NJRA
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