Native Salesforce Integration

Schedule mobile employees directly from Salesforce

Connect employee scheduling with Salesforce data to drive productivity and empower your mobile workers, all through Skedulo’s native solution.
Manage your mobile workers
Manage mobile employees & contractors in one place with all the necessary data about availability, locations, and skills.
Make complex scheduling simple
Translate the complex priorities and requirements of your business into a simplified workflow and clean interface.
Support your mobile teams
Give mobile employees a tool to deliver exceptional customer service and stay connected to the office while on the move.
Native to Salesforce
Skedulo enhances, never duplicates, the data in your Salesforce instance and syncs information from the mobile app automatically.

Native and flexible to fit your scheduling needs

Built natively on Salesforce’s data model, Skedulo’s architecture is flexible by design. We understand that while scheduling challenges may be common, businesses require flexibility to configure a solution for their specific needs, all while fitting into your existing tech stack.

  • Configure Skedulo to fit your specific or complex requirements
  • Solve most challenges fast with a robust out-of-the-box capability
  • Implement a scalable solution to enhance your Salesforce instance
  • Connect data seamlessly from mobile workers to Salesforce

Simplify complex scheduling processes

The logic and requirements for your scheduling may be complex, but the process and interface your team uses should be simple. Skedulo’s powerful scheduling and optimization engines handle the complexity in the background so the tool in users’ hands gives them the right information and capabilities when they are needed.

  • Schedule by shifts, rosters, jobs, workers, teams, client needs, or a hybrid approach
  • Manage one-and-done jobs, long-term recurring work, and complexly patterned work with ease
  • Optimize in seconds to assign groups of jobs over time or quickly schedule priority jobs
  • Initiate a scheduling request from a case, opportunity, work order, or any other object

Mobile-first and user friendly to maximize ROI

Skedulo was designed with the mobile worker in mind. Skedulo’s mobile app is as easy to use as the most popular consumer apps, so adoption is fast and easy. Keep your mobile workers—and the data they collect about your customers—seamlessly connected to Salesforce and the rest of your business.

  • Notify workers of new jobs, share updated schedules, and communicate in real-time
  • Sync data back to HQ automatically—even offline—and enhance your system of record
  • Capture all the data you need from the field with custom forms and easy photo uploads
  • Save time and keep employees focused on customer interactions, not paperwork

Home Healthcare Scheduling on Health Cloud

Skedulo for Healthcare is a purpose built solution for home healthcare providers that schedules, manages, and optimizes mobile caregiver teams who work onsite with patients. With Salesforce Health Cloud as the connector to your EHR or EMR, Skedulo brings together patient, caregiver, and business data to manage your mobile healthcare teams with speed and efficiency.

  • Extend Salesforce Health Cloud to home and mobile healthcare use cases
  • Manage patient intake, long-term scheduling, and group treatments
  • Support mobile caregivers with routing, case notes, incident reports, and team chat
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance without adding administrative burden to caregivers

Customer case studies

“Our ability to schedule efficiently is necessary to provide high-quality care and service … We were shocked to see the effect Skedulo had in enabling us to do more with less. These benefits extended beyond just our mobile workforce. We saw greater efficiency in our back-office operations, invoicing, and sales.”
Greg Pino
VP Operations & Sales, NJRA
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“Beyond Skedulo’s proven leadership in managing mobile workforces, the people are fantastic. We’ve had great experiences working with the company building a solid partnership that we know is going to serve us for quite a while into the future.”
Jeff Hallett
Vice President of Product Management, Easterseals Bay Area
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“To someone considering Skedulo, I would say that it’s going to allow you more complexity in your field management. It’s going to give you a tight integration to Salesforce, or whatever platform you want to use. And it allows you to connect the different areas of your business.”
David Benoit
Owner and President, ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver
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