Deeper insights with mobile workforce analytics

Connect disparate data in order to monitor, understand and improve your team's productivity. See trends, make informed decisions, and take action quickly with the help of Skedulo’s powerful analytics.

Analyze and understand your mobile workforce

Drive operational efficiency
Uncover inefficiencies to improve productivity.
Deliver a better customer experience
Make informed decisions to improve service delivery.
Boost your competitive edge
Reveal opportunities for improvement and innovation.
Make strategic & timely decisions
Use real-time data to inform the right strategy for your business

One-click dashboards

Get built-in best practice dashboards and analysis so your team can track the metrics and KPIs needed to be successful. Analyze team performance, see trends in operational metrics, and gain a better understanding of your customer experience. No matter what it is, Skedulo’s analytics has a dashboard to get it done.


Measure what matters for your business

Create meaningful reports that encapsulate as much or as little data as you need. Skedulo’s analytics dashboards offer powerful, advanced filtering for ultra-specific custom reporting while remaining intuitive and easy to navigate.


Bring all of your workforce data together

Integrate with existing business-critical systems to provide a 360-degree view of how your organization is tracking. Unify data from your other systems using unlimited custom fields and custom objects. Collate all your data centrally and say goodbye to needing separate spreadsheets, PDFs, and isolated downloads.

The future of mobile workforce analytics

Enterprise-grade analytics
Drastically reduce time spent preparing specific reports for administrative or compliance reporting, and minimize human error to ensure accurate information every time. Capture pragmatic data from the field, and gain a holistic view of your organization.
Prepare actionable reports
Quickly and easily run reports in various formats to use in discussions, reviews, and planning meetings. Export unified and meaningful data into spreadsheets or PDF, ready for internal or third-party presentations.
Align stakeholders
Create a case for change, improvement and innovation based on clear data that can be easily presented to stakeholder groups to drive effective decision making. Share specific analytics with staff to encourage competition and drive ownership of results.
Reduce no-shows
Minimize the chance of no-shows with automatic warnings of scheduling conflicts. Quickly allocate the most appropriate mobile workers to new jobs in emergencies such as sick leave, periods of high demand, or when customers reschedule.
Analyze customer requirements
Don’t keep customers waiting. Skedulo makes it easy to analyze customer requirements so you can guarantee there are always appropriately qualified deskless workers on hand to meet demand.
Identify gaps
With next-level insights, your business can enhance its competitive edge by reviewing important targets and KPIs using Skedulo analytics. Proactively identify ways to do better for your customers every day while spotting unrealized gaps in the marketplace.

Ready to make your entire team more effective?