Deliver more services remotely with virtual meeting integration

It is more important than ever to ensure that frontline workers can operate effectively without compromising their own health or the health of the communities served.

Deliver critical services remotely wherever possible through our virtual meeting integration partnership with online meeting providers.

Schedule in-person and virtual meetings all in one place

Integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet with other popular providers coming soon
Use rules to define which services are delivered virtually vs. in-person
Schedule both one-off and recurring meetings
Automatically send meeting details to your deskless workers and the end-customer

Schedule all or some of your services as virtual meetings

Use automation to create virtual meetings for all of your organization’s appointments on dispatch, or choose to make appointments virtual on request. Virtual meetings have been designed to allow your organization to respond dynamically to frequently changing advice from government and health administrators.


Keep your customer up to date with crystal clear appointment details

Your customers are kept in the loop with their virtual meeting details and resource contact information instantly delivered directly to their inbox. Virtual meetings include standard calendar invitations so that customers can be notified using their preferred calendar client. Resources have access to their scheduled virtual meetings from wherever they are on their device through the Skedulo Mobile Application calendar integration.


Centrally manage and track deskless workforce time

Deskless workers can continue to log and manage their work from their devices through the Skedulo Mobile Application, as well as upload important files and create follow-up appointments. The Skedulo Web Application supports new fields for virtual meetings on job details for schedulers to keep track of virtual appointments and schedule them manually when necessary.

Integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet with other popular providers coming soon

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