Instant messaging for your mobile workforce

Give your deskless workforce a cutting-edge advantage. Skedulo’s Deskless Productivity Cloud provides a powerful tool for mobile and shift workers to communicate in real time with schedulers and other resources, empowering them to do their jobs well.

Bridge the communication gap
between your deskless workforce

Engage your mobile teams
Empower your workforce with instant connectivity to the resources they need
Centralize communications
Reduce misinformation between workers and retain commentary on completed work
Facilitate knowledge sharing
Boost internal knowledge retention for a sustainable competitive advantage
Improve customer satisfaction
Properly equip mobile workers to provide meaningful customer interactions

Fast, efficient team communication for your mobile workers

Direct calls, texts, and emails can be extremely inefficient for mobile workers who need instant access to reliable information. Save their time and your organization’s resources with Dynamic Messaging from Skedulo.

  • Individual messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Channels and topics

Instant information for a better customer experience

Make vital information flow simple and cost effective with Skedulo’s powerful Dynamic Messaging tool. Arm your mobile staff with everything they need to represent your company at its best and provide exceptional customer experience.

  • Broadcast messages to teams
  • Link discussions to customer jobs or appointments

Boost mobile workforce team culture

Provide teams with a space to connect and share knowledge informally. With the digital equivalent of an open office space, your deskless workforce can connect through personalized GIFs, emojis, and reactions.

  • Rich media, image and video attachments
  • Emojis, reactions, gifs, and more

Make your team more effective

Book a free demo and let us show you how Skedulo’s Dynamic Messaging capability can drive operational efficiency, productivity, and engagement in your organization.

Engage the whole team, wherever work takes them

Unify communications
Skedulo allows you to combine all communications about a particular job in one place. This includes linking conversations to specific pieces of work or tracking multiple conversations separately.
Equip new employees
When workers leave or move to another area, it can be challenging and resource intensive to get new workers up to speed. Maximize efficiency by enabling fast and comprehensive oversight into what’s happened before they came on board.
Share knowledge
If information is siloed, the same questions may need to be repeatedly asked and answered. By facilitating knowledge sharing, you develop and improve internal knowledge retention, which is a vital strategic resource.
Single source of truth
Integration with the Skedulo Mobile App means deskless workers have a single “pane of glass” to access information needed for a job—reducing the potential for mixed messages and mistakes.
Security and compliance
Efficient collaboration depends on the right information being shared with the right people at the right time — and knowing it’s shared securely. Skedulo ensures sensitive company and customer information remains secure with enterprise-ready security features and compliance with various industry and cloud service standards.
Real time connections
Drive efficiency, productivity, and engagement by equipping mobile workers with a trusted avenue to give and get information in real time. Send instant updates to individuals or teams to ensure people have what they need to succeed.

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