Cut your time to schedule in half

Scheduling your workforce can be complicated, but your staff and customers don’t need to know that. Skedulo simplifies the many moving parts and helps scheduling teams cut their time-to-schedule by 50%.
Skedulo for Schedulers

Your scheduling command center

The Skedulo web console provides scheduling staff with an easy-to-use yet powerful command center to schedule and manage work

  • Visualize and filter jobs in real-time across all statuses: queued, pending allocation, pending dispatch, dispatched, ready, en route, on site, in progress, complete, and cancelled
  • Allocate and schedule work with ease, with job and resource tagging to match the right team member with the right job
  • Gain a single system for scheduling, resource travel, time management, and reporting
Skedulo Scheduling App User Interface

Schedule with ease and adjust on the fly

Managing work types, resource types, and customer needs – all across distributed sites – is complex. Skedulo makes it simple to schedule – and make real-time adjustments when real life happens.

  • Offer specific jobs or units of work to available groups of workers quickly and easily with work offer capabilities
  • Simplify life for your team with intuitive workflows to accept work, view job details including travel information and job-specific tasks, add notes and images as work unfolds, and complete work
  • Communicate in real-time across mobile and fixed-location teams with Skedulo Dynamic Messaging
Scheduling User Interface

Scheduling optimization: increase work capacity & utilization

With Skedulo MasterMind, schedulers automatically optimize their workforce scheduling around the priorities that matter most to their business, saving costs and improving productivity.

  • Automate scheduling based on priorities you define, such as minimizing travel time for multi-site operations, increasing workforce capacity and utilization rates, or minimizing operational costs
  • Produces optimized schedules that reflects your strategic priorities within seconds
  • Gain insight into before/after metrics to understand the true impact of your scheduling efforts and demonstrate your impact to the business
Scheduling Automation & Optimization Engine

Cut Your Time-to-Schedule in Half with Skedulo

What will you do with your free time? See how Skedulo can make the 50% difference for you and your business.