Scheduling for home services & residential contractors

Skedulo’s intelligent scheduling SaaS platform makes it easy to coordinate home services and residential contractors for any industry. With our mobile-first scheduling tools, you can create new jobs on the fly, share updates with workers in the field, and match the right employee to the job.

Schedule and dispatch workers with ease

When you send mobile employees or contractors to multiple homes throughout the day or dynamic teams to a single location over many days, your scheduling system has to be user-friendly and efficient. The Skedulo scheduling platform gives you the power to:

Agenda & travel

Find the right person for the job

With Skedulo, you find and dispatch the right people for the job quickly, without the headaches of spreadsheets, email and paper schedules. Skedulo is flexible enough to handle a broad range of mobile work, including sales, repair, maintenance, inspections, deliveries, and much more. Our scheduling software and mobile app also helps home installation businesses, such as solar and HVAC companies, get jobs done faster so you can show value to customers right away.

Resource Management Skills

Manage dynamic teams on complex projects

Skedulo simplifies the complex scheduling needs of your business. Whether it’s an HVAC, insulation, solar panel system, or another residential project, our intelligent scheduling platform helps you schedule, dispatch and track the workers you need to get all your projects completed on time. You can also use Skedulo to coordinate appointments for regular maintenance, audits, and rework so contractors and technicians can provide ongoing service for customers they already know.

With Skedulo, you can manage a diverse mobile workforce from a single system. Contractors and crew members often have overlapping skills and certifications that are needed on several ongoing projects at a time. Skedulo’s mobile workforce management tools help you build the right team based on skills, certifications, licenses, availability, and location. If customer needs change, Skedulo helps you adjust on the fly and create the perfect team to get the job done.

The Evolution of Home Services

As competition among providers of in-home services heats up, customer expectations continue to rise. See how residential service providers can adapt to evolving customer preferences and technology.

Schedule all types of services, not just break-fix

Plenty of scheduling tools are equipped to handle reactive service calls: something is broken, it is put into a queue, and then someone is dispatched to handle it. But what about jobs that do not fit the familiar break/fix scenario? Not every business serving customers in their homes starts with a repair request.

Skedulo is built to handle all types of home services—whether they are single jobs, recurring services or complex projects. Our intelligent scheduling platform handles any type of residential work, including consultations, regular audits and follow-up appointments. Skedulo also gives you the tools to manage irregular work patterns and all sorts of dependencies, such as customer preferences or needs that have nothing to do with installed equipment.


Capture timesheets and project notes straight from the field

In today’s fast-moving marketplace, you can’t afford for your back office to be in the dark. Workers out in the field need seamless connectivity to the back office—and vice versa—in order to create a great customer and employee experience.

With Skedulo, you eliminate paper time sheets for faster and more accurate invoicing and payroll. And it’s easier than ever to capture critical job details and send it back to HQ. Even when they don’t have a signal, employees and contractors can capture customer data and project updates in real-time and know that it will sync automatically when they are back online.

The Skedulo app can capture photos, signatures, and notes, and share documents directly with the back office to speed up data collection. As photos are uploaded, they can even be tagged for certain parts of the back office to handle.

Collect data

Customer case studies

“With Skedulo, you no longer have that trust gap with the information. So if you are going to change a schedule on the fly, or update a work order, you know it’s going to the mobile device. It saves a lot of time.”
David Benoit
ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver
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“Skedulo is so intuitive. We’re able to hand a phone to a tech on the day that they start, we don’t have to teach them. You can also use it on any device, which is very important to us.”
Christina Fair
Rocket Fiber
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Empower your Salespeople

The Skedulo platform is a great fit for the sales department, too. Our customers use intelligent scheduling tools to:

  • Schedule sales representatives for door-to-door lead generation
  • Man kiosks and promotional booths inside stores
  • Track the location of sales reps (i.e. “geofencing”)

Skedulo offers native integrations with Salesforce and ServiceNow, as well as our Lens API to connect to any system of record, so you can pull important customer information at every point in the process. You can create new jobs directly from your system of record, cutting down the time it takes to translate customer needs into boots on the ground.

Learn how Skedulo can help you automate your daily processes with paperless workflows.

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