High Capacity Scheduling

Let’s reopen the world on schedule

High Capacity Scheduling allows cities and countries trying to safely reopen their economies to better manage virus testing, vaccination administration, elections, and large scale entertainment events.

Skedulo’s solution delivers safe, secure, hands-free scheduling and appointment setting for the masses that can be quickly deployed regionally or nationally to ensure public health.

Efficiently manage virus testing, vaccination administration, elections, & large scale entertainment events

Schedule based on Capacity
Schedule appointments at nearby locations based on site capacity
Control & triage lines/queues, overbooking and arrival times
Monitor capacity
Understand location capacity, demand and wait times
Staff Safety
Keep recipients and staff safe with no-contact patient check-in

Enable single or multi-site appointment scheduling

Testing sites, polling locations, theaters, and stadiums are susceptible to long wait times and disorganization. Appointment booking software allows you to plan and manage site throughput and capacity, scheduling time windows, and demand — all in one convenient place.
Analyze site capacity and demand

Monitor capacity across one or multiple locations

Real-time site analysis lets you monitor appointment scheduling and site capacity, which informs decisions about staffing and logistics.

Automated communication

Provide appointment details, reminders, and instructions

Keep event-goers informed by email or SMS. Automated communication delivers appointment details, times, and what to expect when they arrive.

Operating Safety & Check-in

Ensure fast and safe recipient check-in

On-site mobile check-in processes ensure staff safety and efficiency by monitoring arrival time accuracy and tracking. Reference contactless entry or barcode scanning to assist with physical distancing during check-in operations.

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