Skedulo Optimization Engine

Create the optimal schedule with the push of a button

With Skedulo's powerful optimization engine, you have the power to decide what variables to use in creating the perfect schedule. Easily update the optimization settings to ensure it meets your unique business needs.

Optimize based on your business need

Automatically balance workloads across your teams
Make quick adjustments because of last minute changes or emergencies
Tailor your optimization settings by specific region
Optimize by resource skill level and certification

Automate the complex process of scheduling

  • Complete jobs & appointments more efficiently
  • Free up scheduler time to focus on higher value activities
  • Increase the productivity of your resources

Optimize the schedule by what matters to you

  • Adjust to weigh more heavily the business outcomes you want to achieve
  • Tailor unique optimization settings to specific regions or territories
  • Easily update settings as your business objectives change

Reduce windshield time

  • Get your workers to customer appointments on time, everytime
  • Increase worker satisfaction and productivity by reducing drive time
  • View more accurate travel estimates with historical traffic information

Use custom rules, tags & settings to create the optimal schedule

  • Balance workloads across your resources
  • Take into consideration resource skills and credentials when assigning jobs or appointments
  • Prioritize preferred resources based on customer or client need
  • Quickly adjust to last minute cancellations or urgent work

Ready to make your entire team more effective?