Meet the Deskless Productivity Cloud

One solution to intelligently manage and schedule your deskless workforce while delivering a best-in-class experience for employees, schedulers, business owners, and customers.

The future of work is here.
Old technology can’t solve new challenges.

Traditional solutions to schedule and manage work outside the office lack the power and flexibility to fit the new ways people and businesses operate. Skedulo is purpose-built to meet the unique needs of deskless workers and help your organization thrive.
Maximize employee productivity
Delight your customers
Grow your business

Centrally manage your deskless workforce and automate schedules

Whether you depend on specialty workers with complex certifications or transactional contractors, you need a solution that reflects the way your business is staffed today and will grow in the future. Skedulo’s powerful scheduling capability beautifully manages and displays all the information you need to make smart scheduling decisions that reflect your business/priorities. And automated scheduling makes it simple to match the right person for the job.

  • Streamline operations by utilizing one system for both workers in the field and for workers at facilities or fixed locations.
  • Maintain dynamic attributes and skills 
  • Automate scheduling through intelligent resource optimization

Empower employees with the tools to maximize their time

Skedulo’s mobile app gives mobile workers the guidance and support they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. It’s also easy to send critical information back to headquarters. And dynamic messaging functionality ensures that mobile teams are alway connected in real time to everyone on a job.

  • Optimize mobile workers travel time
  • Enable real-time communication between resources and administrator via notifications, SMS, and requests
  • Support delivery of work via information capture such as notes, images, forms, etc. to better complete jobs in the field

Scale your business with data-driven decisions

Skedulo’s analytics connects traditionally disparate information allowing actionable reporting. Transparency across various stakeholder groups allows insight into areas of improvement. And the data to drive business strategy is a few clicks away.  

  • Simplify administrative reporting
  • Readily export data for 3rd party reporting
  • Customize dashboards
Skedulo MasterMind

Automate scheduling with
Skedulo MasterMind

Skedulo MasterMind uses a powerful rules engine to make scheduling smarter.

Optimize scheduling
Schedulers have an intelligent toolset to balance complex scheduling requirements based on the needs of customers, the business, and the deskless workforce.
Reduce travel time
Schedule smarter with recommendations to reduce travel time, cluster appointments by proximity, or speed up job completion.
Schedule jobs automatically
Jobs can be scheduled automatically, controlled by your constraints and business logic. Increase your scheduling team’s capacity and productivity with intelligent automation.
Configure and extend

Maximize your existing investments

Integrations make it simple to connect Skedulo to other upstream and downstream systems that are part of your organization’s existing tech stack. And Skedulo is flexible enough to allow you to configure the custom fields you need to run your business more effectively.

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