Take your deskless workforce to new heights

One solution to intelligently manage and schedule your deskless workforce while delivering a best-in-class experience for employees, schedulers, business owners, and customers.
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Introducing the Deskless Productivity Cloud

It can be complicated to manage your deskless workforce—but your employees and customers don’t need to know that. The Deskless Productivity Cloud from Skedulo allows any company in any industry to plan and engage with their deskless workforce.

Schedule faster and smarter

  • Match skilled workers to highly complex work based on their unique skills, certifications and attributes via tagging
  • Visualize all or a subset of work in real-time across all stages, including pending allocation, pending dispatch, dispatched, ready, en route, on site, in progress, and complete
  • Control which workforce segments can accept work: offer work to the most qualified workers based on a range of attributes, prioritize less costly resources to save costs, or maximize workforce utilization



Execute work more efficiently

  • Empower mobile workers with the Skedulo iOS & Android apps, enabling them to accept work offers, view work and client details, plan and execute work, document details, and communicate with colleagues both in the field and in offices
  • Enables workers to securely capture photos, field notes, surveys, signatures, and more on the go, making workers’ lives simpler while increasing retention, and ensuring SLAs are met
The Skedulo Pulse Platform

Extensible, flexible, scalable platform

Bring the best of your organization

Schedule smarter with Skedulo Mastermind. Automate complex scheduling by finding the right person, for the right work at the right place and time. More about Mastermind
Connect disparate data and use included reporting capabilities to visualize, benchmark, and improve deskless workforce productivity. More about Analytics
Communicate on-the-go and collaborate in real-time between mobile workers and office staff. More about Messaging

Why businesses love Skedulo


Gain the key insights required to make strategic decisions

28% increase in visibility of work execution

Transform the way you manage field work from reactive to proactive

48% reduction in time to schedule
Deskless Workers

Become engaged, enabled, informed, and motivated to deliver

21% increase in productivity

Crafted for the needs of large and complex teams

Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich
“Skedulo has really allowed us to scale. We had a drastic increase in our foothold and a drastic expansion and Skedulo was able to scale right there with us.”
Ellen Jokerst, Retail Scheduling Coordinator
American Red Cross Volunteers
“We knew we had room for overall process improvement and greater efficiency, but we needed a system that would sit natively in Salesforce and be able to manage all the data points that go into a scheduling decision.”
Joe Zito, Vice President of Information Technology
American Red Cross

On average, our customers experience...

Reduction in time to schedule
Increase in deskless worker productivity
Increase in customer satisfaction (up to 68%)
Increase in billable appointments

See the Deskless Productivity Cloud for yourself