Redefining Field Service Excellence

Embrace the future with Skedulo, the AI-driven platform tailored for today's telecom challenges.

Transform your operations by boosting productivity, increasing revenue, enhancing customer satisfaction (NPS), and optimizing field efficiency, all while retaining top talent.

Optimize Resource Management

Reduce costs
Eradicate the need for multiple tools and manual scheduling. Decrease operational costs and labor commitments in the fast-paced telecom environment.
Empower the field
Skedulo's intuitive mobile app enables your teams to accept tasks, navigate to cell tower or client locations, and view detailed job specifics, even offline in remote areas.
Resource effectively
Ensure optimal network deployment and maintenance by intelligently optimizing schedules and travel routes, guaranteeing precise deployment times.
Increase visibility
Monitor, manage, and optimize the availability and capacity of your entire mobile telecommunications team in real-time.
Navigating an Evolving Landscape

Modern Scheduling for a Rapidly Evolving Industry

The telecommunications landscape is evolving rapidly. Traditional scheduling tools simply can’t keep up with the complexities of today’s telecom projects. Skedulo fills this gap with intelligent scheduling that eliminates errors, ensures timely tower maintenance and deployments, and communicates with your team in real-time through SMS and push notifications.

Elevating Efficiency in Daily Operations

Maximize Efficiency with Skedulo’s Routing and Schedules

Juggle telecom projects more efficiently and minimize travel time between sites with traffic-based estimates. Skedulo empowers your field technicians to be more autonomous and efficient, ensuring uninterrupted services for your clients.

Enhancing the Entire Workflow

Transforming Your Operations with Skedulo

With Skedulo, you do more than optimize field operations; you enhance your entire telecom workflow. Analyze field productivity, prevent staffing imbalances during critical deployments, and glean insights that can revolutionize your service delivery. Integrate Skedulo with tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow to harness your data efficiently. Schedule directly from your CRM or sync info to reduce repetitive tasks for your back-office teams.

Maximizing Productivity in Field Operations

Unleash the Potential of Your Field Team

No matter how vast your telecom operations or how intricate the tasks, Skedulo simplifies scheduling to maximize productivity. Enhance workforce utilization, reduce costs, and provide your team with the resources they need through Skedulo’s intuitive mobile app.

Driving Efficiencies Across the Board

Optimize Every Resource with Skedulo

In the competitive world of telecommunications, efficiency is paramount. Skedulo drives your business forward by introducing efficiencies you didn’t think were possible.

  • Auto-optimize schedules and routes for better field service
  • Increase daily task completion rates
  • Enhance office productivity with Skedulo’s automation features
Seamless Data Capture and Integration

Centralized Data Management

Skedulo enables telecom field workers to securely capture data during on-site visits. Whether it’s photos of a cell tower installation, site survey notes, or customer signatures for service verification, everything is captured seamlessly. Meet telecom industry compliance effortlessly and integrate all data directly into your CRM. Bid farewell to manual tools and empower your back-office with a consolidated database of customer and site data

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Connexin, a telecommunications company, is taking the UK’s ‘Smart Cities’ to the next level. In order to scale sustainably with a rapidly growing workforce: Connexin brought on Skedulo. With Skedulo, Connexin is streamlining processes via automation, increasing connectedness between their office & field teams, and elevating their customer experience.

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Skedulo helps Rocket Fiber, a leading internet service provider in Detroit, transform their business by exceeding customer expectations and effectively scheduling mobile workers in a demanding market.

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