Increase workforce efficiency and cut operating costs

Skedulo cuts the time to schedule by 50% while increasing work capacity, improving workforce utilization rates, and driving greater productivity for your deskless workers. Skedulo helps operations leaders access analytics and historical trends on the workforce to make it easy to capture insights, report internally, and make strategic decisions more quickly

Gain a complete view of deskless work

Skedulo arms operations leaders with a view of all work activities and provides insights to drive strategic decisions.

  • Equip your team with a single system for scheduling, resource travel, time management, and reporting
  • Visualize jobs in real-time across all stages, drill into specific job details, and match the right team member to the right job with attribute tagging

Empower workers with the Skedulo mobile application and notify workers of new jobs, allow them to access and share updated schedules, and communicate in real-time.

Analytics & Reporting Dashboard User Interface

Analyze and understand your mobile workforce

Connect disparate data and use data to monitor deskless work for evidence-based decision making and compliance reporting.

  • Uncover inefficiencies to improve productivity and deliver a better customer experience
  • Reveal opportunities for improvement and innovation to boost your competitive edge
  • Demonstrate the impact of your strategic decisions with dashboards and reporting
Operations Dashboard User Interface

Increase work capacity & utilization with AI-powered scheduling

With Skedulo MasterMind, schedulers automatically optimize the workforce scheduling around the priorities that matter most to their business, saving costs and improving productivity.

  • Automate scheduling based on configurable priorities: minimize travel time for multi-site operations, increase workforce capacity and utilization rates, or minimize costs
  • Produce optimized schedules in seconds that quantifiably reflect your strategic priorities 
  • Gain insight into before/after metrics to understand the true impact of your scheduling efforts and demonstrate your impact to the business
Scheduling Automation & Optimization Engine

Unleash the Power of Your Workforce and Cut Costs with Skedulo

See how Skedulo can cut your time-to-schedule by 50% while improving workforce capacity and utilization.