Scheduling software for real estate and property management

From scheduling inspections and preparing for a successful listing, to coordinating trades and overseeing maintenance, Skedulo takes the guesswork (and hack work) out of running real estate and property management businesses.
Level up from legacy methods
Legacy scheduling tools like spreadsheets, emails, and calendars cost you time and money and don’t report metrics. Skedulo’s powerful scheduling engine helps you predict, manage, track, and analyze real estate work.
Centralize communication
Skedulo’s mobile app makes it easy to discuss specific jobs, upload photos, attach documents, and keep field staff updated in real time. Avoid miscommunication and empower workers to connect anytime.
Offer self-serve bookings
Schedule inspections, open houses, closings, or other appointments with self-service calendar bookings, not back and forth emails. Easily integrate with your website and get full calendar visibility via the Skedulo mobile app.
Achieve total transparency
Get a bird’s eye view of your entire mobile workforce, with analytics to help you identify opportunities to improve or innovate – as well as areas to reduce unnecessary costs and inefficiencies in your real estate operations.

Manage your facilities with ease

When you’re running a strata, a real estate agency, an inspection service, or facilities management business, you need full oversight of all your resources at a glance. 

Skedulo enables scheduling and management of employees and contractors across multiple properties and regions – effortlessly matching appropriately skilled workers to the right jobs. Easily coordinate trades on site, and reduce unnecessary spend by ensuring employees are fully utilized before contractors are engaged. 


Ensure the safety of field staff

Fully equip your brokers, agents, inspectors, and field staff with the necessary tools to do great work, including digital safety forms and secure site sign in and out. 

In fields where safety certifications apply, Skedulo allows you to assign this attribute to relevant workers and will alert you when their certifications are about to expire.

Improve customer experience and meet SLAs

Skedulo delivers all the capabilities you need to drive a 5-star customer experience every time, including:

  • self-service customer appointment scheduling
  • automated appointment confirmation and reminders
  • rapid replacement scheduling when a worker can’t make an appointment
  • location pairing to get the closest frontline workers to customers fast
  • comment fields to share information from previous jobs
  • virtual meeting options 

Meet SLAs more consistently with intelligent job matching and automated staff scheduling based on business priorities. For example, Skedulo enables property valuation companies to quickly assign available workers to new jobs to meet tight-turnaround times for larger clients. 

After 1 year, Skedulo property customers typically have a

return ratio
increase in customer satisfaction
reduction in scheduling time

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