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App For Mobile Employee Scheduling

Skedulo’s powerful, easy-to-use mobile app is designed to keep your team productive, effective, and happy. Notify workers of new jobs, share updated schedules with your employees, and communicate in real-time—on any device—to keep everyone on the same page.

Ensure Your Employees Are Prepared & Productive

With the Skedulo app, your employees have everything they need right on their mobile device, even when working offline. Schedules are always up-to-date, and employees have access to key customer information to make the most of every interaction.

Automatically Find the Best Route

The Skedulo scheduling app automatically picks the best route and directs employees using GPS, making sure mobile employees maximize their time with customers.

Always Work From the Right Schedule

Updated job schedules are delivered to employees’ phones when changes are made, so you never have to worry about missed appointments.

Capture Data From the Field

Mobile employees can use the Skedulo app to collect signatures, capture notes, and gather other key information from the field, even when working offline.

Take Everything Needed for the Job

The Skedulo app has detailed information, including customer history and interactions, so your teams know exactly what to do when they arrive.

Track Time & Attendance

Track job and appointment progress in real-time to better understand your mobile workforce. You can track each activity as your workers accept, travel to, check-in, start, and complete each job.

Skedulo for iOS & Android

The powerful Skedulo app is available on any Android or iOS device, putting intelligent scheduling at your fingertips.

Satisfy Your Customers and Your Employees

The Skedulo app takes the guesswork out of employee scheduling so everyone wins. Customers, field teams, and the back office all get the services and information they need to get the job done—the first time.

Customers Who Come Back

Keep customers coming back when you deliver work on time and correctly. Book appointments—not windows—with workers who are prepared to do the job right on the first visit.

Mobile Teams That Outperform

Maximize the value of your mobile workforce. With the Skedulo app, mobile workers spend more time with customers and spend less time capturing handwritten notes.

Schedulers & Dispatchers Who Shine

Deliver critical updates right into the hands of the mobile workers who need them. The Skedulo app can also show schedulers when jobs are started and completed—all in real-time.

A Back Office That Moves Faster

The Skedulo app sends vital business information from your team in the field directly to your CRM so your data is all in one place and your business can move faster.

Powerful and Flexible Mobile App for Every Business

The Skedulo app is ready to use immediately, and it’s flexible enough to be tailored to your unique scheduling and mobile workforce needs.

Android and iOS Ready

The powerful Skedulo app is available on any Android or iOS device, putting intelligent scheduling at your fingertips.

Custom Configuration

No matter your particular situation, the Skedulo app is flexible enough to meet your custom needs.

CRM Integration

The Skedulo app integrates with Salesforce and ServiceNow, giving you one centralized place for your customer information.

Use Skedulo Offline

The Skedulo app works offline so your mobile workers can get the job done whether or not they have a signal.

Connect to Our Scheduling APIs and SDKs

Skedulo’s intelligent scheduling platform is designed to be flexible. Skedulo’s scheduling capabilities can be integrated with a wide range of custom apps, giving you the freedom to choose the right tools for your business.

Using the Lens framework of APIs and SDKs, you can extend Skedulo functionality to your custom apps. Skedulo offers APIs for travel time, service-delivery capacity, notifications, resource tracking, calendar invitations and more. You can also use the Lens API to create your own customer-facing app, allowing your customers to book their own appointments, receive notifications, and track arrival time.

Learn more about Skedulo Lens

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The Skedulo app makes managing and scheduling mobile employees simple. Wow your customers and keep your mobile workers productive by keeping everyone connected and up-to-date.

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