Happy and productive mobile workers

Skedulo’s powerful and easy-to-use mobile scheduling app is designed to keep your team productive, efficient, and happy. Notify workers of new jobs, share updated schedules, and communicate in real-time on any device.
Mobile agenda
Keep mobile teams connected to the office
Instantly send schedules and updates right to deskless workers on the devices they prefer
Eliminate cumbersome paperwork
Capture all the data you need from the field with custom forms and easy photo uploads
Sync data back to HQ instantly—even offline
No more delays waiting for paperwork to come in when data syncs instantly from the app
Faster, more efficient and accurate field workers
Easy routing, task lists, and customer details make it easier for workers to do their jobs

Everything your team needs in the palm of their hands

Your scheduling and dispatch teams gain real-time visibility into the status of teams and jobs in the field and your mobile workers get a tool to make their jobs easier.
Daily agendas & schedules
Give your mobile workers complete agendas and schedules in their hands, with all the details they need to deliver a great experience for your customers every time.
Fast and clear routing
Help deskless workers on the road get from job to job quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly with optimized routes through the map application they prefer integrated with Skedulo.
Easy field data capture
Skedulo’s employee scheduling app is also a tool to document work with photos, notes, and signatures, eliminating paperwork and syncing vital information even when offline.
Mobile app
Mobile app

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Easy to use and adopt in the field

Skedulo’s intuitive staff scheduling app is simple enough for even first-time smartphone users to quickly learn how to use.

Clean interface
Skedulo’s solutions are design-driven with a clean and simple user interface so that they are exceptionally easy-to-use, even for those who are new to apps.
Android and iOS ready
No matter what mix of devices your teams use, Skedulo’s mobile scheduling app will work and offer the same feature set for everyone.
Easy to explain and train
Adoption is essential for ROI. Skedulo’s engagement experts will help make training easy so you get all the benefits of the app and platform.
Mobile app

Know where your team is and when work is delivered

Real-time location data combined with easy time tracking makes mobile teams more efficient and gives the home office visibility into work happening in the field.

Optimized routing
Make job-to-job travel fast and easy thanks to integrations with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Uber, Lyft, and Waze.
Track time spent working
Check in and out of jobs with a single button, eliminating time sheets and the manual delays and errors they produce.
Exceptional visibility
Skedulo provides exceptional visibility into the real-time location and status of your mobile teams so you can preempt execution challenges before they occur.

Capture data from the field

The Skedulo mobile scheduling app is a tool to improve the productivity of your mobile teams by providing and capturing the data you need to make better decisions in the field and at HQ.

Job details and guidance
Customer details give mobile employees the power to create a personalized experience while custom instructions and task checklists make delivering work easier.
Forms, photos and signatures
Quickly and easily capture all the business data you need from a job with custom forms, easy photos uploads, and e-signature capability right in the app.
Offline capability
Mobile workers do not need a signal to get the information and capabilities they need from the Skedulo app, plus data they entered will sync automatically when they are back in range so details are never lost due to connectivity.

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