Powerful Mobile Employee Scheduling & Dispatching

Skedulo’s hassle-free scheduling software and mobile app helps you resolve scheduling conflicts, assign jobs, optimize travel routes, track productivity, and communicate in real-time.

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Manage your entire mobile workforce

Whether your mobile workers are full-time, part-time, or 1099 contractors, the Skedulo mobile workforce platform is built for simplicity. Skedulo allows you to set precise service appointments—rather than “estimated service windows”—by factoring in travel time and automatically finding the best route for field employees.

Skedulo also helps your mobile workers make the most of service opportunities in the field. Integrate Skedulo with your existing tools to capture surveys, feedback, signatures, field notes, and much more straight from the field.

Skedulo also offers visual resource mapping, live travel updates, and real-time tracking to help managers understand how the mobile workforce is performing each day. Create daily, weekly, and monthly reports to track critical performance metrics and make informed decisions about your business.

Skedulo powers mobile employee scheduling (and 2.5 million+ on-time appointments) for companies like:

Skedulo’s powerful employee scheduling software and mobile app makes it easy to schedule mobile workers for companies of all sizes. Our goal is to make staff scheduling a competitive advantage for our customers.

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Automated employee scheduling & dispatching

All too often, manual scheduling leads to missed appointments and unhappy customers. Skedulo’s simple scheduling software will eliminate messy whiteboards, paper stacks, and spreadsheets. Skedulo enables you to easily manage job queues, drag and drop resources into time slots, or automatically schedule daily work.

Exceed your customers’ expectations by matching the ideal employee to the job. Managers can configure Skedulo to select the right employee based on job requirements, employee skill sets, employee certifications, availability, and travel time.

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Communication Device

Communicate schedule changes on any mobile device

Automatically notify your mobile workers of new jobs and appointments in an instant. The Skedulo mobile app works with iOS and Android devices, keeping your entire workforce connected. Choose from push notifications, text messages (SMS), or email notifications to share schedule updates with the entire team. Send detailed instructions to your employees and receive status updates in real-time.

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Integrate scheduling with your CRM

Give your mobile workers everything they need with Salesforce and ServiceNow integration. Skedulo integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and ServiceNow, giving your employees job and customer details at their fingertips. Automatically communicate appointment logistics and other key information so your team gets the job right on the first trip.

Use Skedulo’s easy drag-and-drop functionality to place your jobs into booking timeslots, calendar views, or swimlanes. You can also create jobs directly from your CRM—whether it’s sales, customer service, or other points in your service workflow.

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Arrive Device

Intelligent scheduling, tracking, and reporting

Skedulo can help you maximize efficiency for full-time employees, part-time employees, and 1099 contractors alike. Skedulo offers visual resource mapping, real-time location tracking, and live travel updates to help you understand how your team is operating. Skedulo also factors in meetings, preparation, travel time, and anything else that affects the true availability of your workforce, giving you a more accurate picture of your capacity and availability.  

Skedulo’s intelligent scheduling can organize recurring availability—daily, weekly, or monthly—and allow time for regular business activities. Go even further by using dashboards to gain valuable insight to inform managerial & scheduling decisions.

Performance Device

A scheduling API built for your business

Skedulo was built to be flexible and scale with you as your business evolves. The Skedulo Lens API helps you integrate Skedulo’s powerful scheduling tools into other custom apps. We offer APIs and SDKs for travel time, business capacity, custom notifications, timeslots, booking, resource tracking, and calendar invitations. Leverage the technology and capabilities of Skedulo to make the most of your entire suite of tools.

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Scheduling success stories from Skedulo

"Skedulo lens allow us to deliver on our vision and promise of a world class client experience."

“Our ability to schedule efficiently is necessary to provide high-quality care and service … We were shocked to see the effect Skedulo had in enabling us to do more with less. These benefits extended beyond just our mobile workforce. We saw greater efficiency in our back-office operations, invoicing, and sales.”


"Skedulo empowers us to provide a more efficient and reliable service that ensures our patients get the care they need and set us up for success as we look to expand into the growing market for home care."

“Leveraging Salesforce, leveraging Skedulo is really serving as the foundation of what we’re trying to bring across the country.”

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