Skedulo for Healthcare

Therapy Scheduling Software

Effective scheduling is key to keeping your therapy business running efficiently. Skedulo’s HIPAA-compliant platform and mobile app offer a powerful and intuitive solution for therapy appointment scheduling, advanced analytics, and more. With Skedulo, managing the complexities of healthcare scheduling has never been easier.
Enhance quality of care
Quickly schedule entire care plans with appointment reminders and digital job notes.
Maximize billable hours
Track time spent and tasks completed with timely data to support billing and reimbursements.
Boost satisfaction
Delight your clinicians and clients with real time communication and feedback.
Manage changes fast
Seamlessly manage therapy schedules when a care provider or client cannot make an appointment.

Schedule the best available care provider

Improve the quality of care your therapy practice provides and respond effortlessly to daily challenges such as traffic delays, cancellations, reschedules, or urgent service requests.

With Skedulo, you can:

  • Use tags to match clients with caregivers that speak their language, love dogs, know how to manage certain behaviors, and more
  • Allocate a preferred or consistent provider for every possible appointment
  • Manage client availability between multiple households

Maximize authorized billable hours

Services are often limited by insurance coverage and eligibility. Skedulo can use authorization data to create a schedule that ensures clients receive all the services they qualify for—enabling you to proactively manage reimbursements. 

Avoid underutilization or missed billable hours to: 

  • Track total time spent on specific services associated with specific client authorizations
  • Display updates to authorization metrics from your EHR/EMR
  • Capitalize on all billable hours across days, weeks, and months

Keep care providers happy

The satisfaction of your care providers, clinicians, and therapists correlates with productivity and retention. Show your commitment to their wellbeing by allocating jobs to align with their personal preferences and scheduling criteria.

Skedulo helps you do this by: 

  • Reducing drive time and enabling care providers to practice at the top of their license
  • Empowering care providers through job offers delivered straight to their mobile
  • Providing fair distribution of work to reduce frustration and turnover

Protect your process with exception warnings and error flagging

Skedulo’s exception service limits the painful consequences of real-time manual adjustments. It validates bookings against predetermined rules (e.g.: scheduling a service when a client or care provider is on vacation). Anytime a rule is violated, Skedulo will flag for resolution.

The exception service helps you build a process where users can assign specific exceptions to themselves to reduce miscommunication. This provides clarity and oversight to protect the integrity of your therapy scheduling process.

Improve client communication and reduce cancellations

Reduce last-minute cancellations and missed appointments, and let clients know when a care provider is on their way with automated notifications. 

Skedulo communicates with clients via SMS or email regarding their upcoming therapy appointments, and provides you with access to the state-required Electronic Visit Verification (eVV) data after a service has been completed.

Secure and HIPAA-compliant

HIPAA-compliant mobile app

The Skedulo mobile app is HIPAA-compliant, so your team remains informed while keeping your client and patient information secure. Skedulo can integrate with other systems with our Lens API, so your data is connected to all of your critical systems.

Data encryption and compliance

All Skedulo data is encrypted in flight (TLS 1.2) and at rest (AES 256) on our virtual private cloud with access control lists. Skedulo is a SOC2 certified company.

Built for integration

Skedulo integrates with a range of CRMs, EHRs, EMRs and other business systems.

Take your therapeutic care to the next level with Skedulo

Skedulo has a strong healthcare community comprising knowledgeable internal staff with healthcare backgrounds, and a diverse collection of healthcare organizations that rely on Skedulo to run critical business processes.