Helping deskless workers, well, work

Whether they’re juggling work across multiple locations, trying to anticipate the needs of customers, or simply planning the work day, life as a deskless worker is tough. Skedulo helps deskless workers, well, work.
Deskless Worker

Support mobile workers with the Skedulo app

Scheduling teams gain real-time visibility into the status of field operations while mobile workers gain a mobile app to simplify work.

  • Arm workers with schedules and all details required to deliver a quality customer experience
  • Help workers navigate with optimized routes and integration with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Uber, and Lyft
  • Empower workers to document work with photos, notes, and signature capture
Skedulo Mobile App

Know where and when work is done

Real-time location data and simplified time tracking makes mobile teams more efficient and gives the central office visibility into work in the field.

  • Understand who on your team is where and what they are working on
  • Allow workers to check in and out of jobs with a single button, eliminating manual timesheet work and errors
  • Track the progress of individual jobs throughout the day to understand job status, worker trends, and team output
Scheduling App - Map View

Provide, capture, and sync data live from the field

The Skedulo mobile app improves work by providing, capturing, and synchronizing job-related data in the field.

  • Provide critical data to deskless workers with details including task checklists, customer preferences, and custom instructions
  • Make it simple for workers to capture data with custom forms, photo uploads, and embedded e-signature capabilities
  • No connection, no problem – job details are still available for mobile workers and data they capture will sync automatically when connectivity is restored
Skedulo Mobile App - Attachments

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