Intelligently Manage Your Mobile Workforce

A smarter solution for managing your team in the field.

Skedulo is the platform for intelligent mobile workforce management. Our solution helps enterprises intelligently schedule, dispatch and track resources in the field.

Skedulo connects your teams at HQ–like operations, scheduling and the back office–with your mobile workers in the field. Skedulo brings all the data and communication together that you need to manage your mobile workforce’s availability, skills, locations, and preferences against the needs and priorities of your business and your customers all in a single system.

For operations and schedulers, Skedulo simplifies matching the needs of complex jobs, worker skills, and customer preferences to create optimal work schedules.

For teams in the field, Skedulo provides a mobile app that makes delivering a first-class customer experience easier.

Back office teams–like payroll, invoicing and HR–get the data they need fast while executives get insight to make better business decisions.

Skedulo’s customers win with faster, easier scheduling, reduced costs in the field, improved productivity, and happier customers and employees.

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Matt Fairhurst


Matt Fairhurst is the co-founder and CEO of Skedulo, the leader in intelligent mobile workforce management. Matt is driven by the possibilities technology creates for the ever-growing mobile workforce. Through Skedulo, Matt seeks to improve the work lives of service employees so their days are more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

Ed Backhouse

Ed Backhouse

VP of Customer Journey

Steve Cook

Steve Cook

VP of Engineering

Andrew Dillon

Andrew Dillon

Chief Product Officer

Dan Frohnen

Dan Frohnen

VP of Marketing

Mark Selcow

Board Member (Costanoa Ventures)

Niki Scevak

Board Member (Blackbird Ventures)

Paul Mansfield

Board Member

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