Scheduling Software as a Service (SaaS) for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

As an organisation with a large Australian employee base, Skedulo understands the regulations and requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Consumer Directed Care (CDC). Use Skedulo to efficiently manage and schedule your mobile workers.
Match the right worker to clients
Skedulo’s intelligent scheduling platform helps you match the ideal support worker to the customer based on client history, support worker qualifications, desired language, and more.
Optimize workforce performance
Generate performance reports from Skedulo to view the true capacity of your workforce and reduce transportation costs.
Empower your mobile workers
Equip workers with a powerful mobile app to reference client details, make updates in real time, and report current status on the spot
Deliver outstanding client care
Providers can use the Skedulo app to securely share customer details with support workers so they are ready to provide outstanding service at every appointment.

Maximize efficiency and accuracy with intelligent scheduling

Skedulo is an Australian-built scheduling platform that meets the unique needs of NDIS-ready providers. Our intelligent scheduling software makes it easy to manage the entire mobile workforce and coordinate client care between mobile workers, caregivers, support staff, and schedulers. With native Salesforce integration and rich APIs, healthcare providers can build the perfect custom solution for intelligent scheduling.

Deliver high-quality NDIS care

Australian healthcare providers must adapt IT systems, payment processes, and more to serve the 410,000+ Australians using NDIS support today, and the 5 million projected to access aged care services by 2050. Companies that are well-versed in the existing healthcare system are working particularly hard to re-evaluate their workflows and set up efficient, intelligent systems that help them stay ahead in the new marketplace.

The Skedulo Solution for Australian Healthcare

Traditional solutions to schedule and manage home healthcare lack the power and flexibility to effectively meet expectations and challenges of customers within the NDIS and CDC schemes. Skedulo is the mobile care solution built for the future of healthcare in Australia.

Skedulo offers one system to intelligently manage all data about your mobile care workers, including matching the right worker to the right job and the right facility, rostering, scheduling, dispatching, and efficiently routing support workers to customers, all whilst delivering seamless onsite care.

Manage, Schedule, and Dispatch

Manage and schedule full-time, part-time, and contracted mobile support workers in one place. Schedule support workers efficiently no matter your business priorities, whether your participants require support in the field or at your facilities.


Onsite Care Delivery

Support your workers while on the job with customer history, custom forms and data views designed specifically for NDIS/CDC, and in home health.


Rosters and Time Sheets

Effectively manage your workforce rosters and timesheets at your own facilities, with a solution modelled specifically for the Australian healthcare market. When shift rostering, NDIS and CDC providers can manage their clinical, non-clinical, and transactional records day-to-day from the Skedulo web application.


Communication and Collaboration

Centralise data and communication in one platform for easy accessibility for mobile support workers and schedulers in the back office.


Seamless Integration

Connect to healthcare-specific customer and case management solutions, or any system of record, including financial management, billing, award interpreter, and payroll.

Use Skedulo with Salesforce Communities to extend communication and collaboration to participants and their next of kin or guardians. Provide updates on the expected time of arrival of care workers, information about past appointments, bill tracking, and other valuable information directly to customers.

Customisation and Flexibility

Skedulo has customisable and flexible solutions designed specifically for NDIS and CDC providers. Created for Australian healthcare customers with the help of our healthcare customers, Skedulo provides the Skedulo Australian healthcare module. It has a number of additional features for the specific requirements of this market.

This module also delivers the Skedulo out-of-the-box integration with customer and case management solutions, as well as award interpreters.

We have an outstanding customer success team with deep expertise in this industry, just see what our customers say about our services team.


Dedicated Healthcare Mobile Application

Have industry-specific forms and mobile functionality for support and care plan visibility, right in the palm of your hand. Take notes, report incidents, communicate with customers, and capture data for timesheets and travel logs automatically all within the Skedulo mobile app.

Client Availability Management

Manage customer availability at different locations to constrain appointment scheduling to the times that work best for them.


Combined Care Worker Availability

Differentiate and manage available working hours, rosters and shifts, employment type, and individual and recurring appointments to gain a holistic view of support workers scheduling and capacity.

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