Homecare software for your mobile workforce

With Skedulo’s homecare solution, information is updated in real-time and instantly available to mobile workers who need it. Experience fewer errors and miscommunications, better efficiency, and more intelligent scheduling for everyone in your home health organization.

Homecare software features for every need

Modern homecare needs a modern technology partner. Improve efficiency and develop strong patient relationships with key home healthcare features:
Automated scheduling and dispatching
Decrease manual labor and error rates. With Skedulo’s homecare software, schedules are updated in real-time, and dispatchers and providers can all see the latest version.
Optimized caregiver matching
Find the best caregiver for the job. The nearest caregiver may not be the most qualified, or the most qualified may be unavailable. Skedulo’s homecare scheduling software factors in real-time, customizable variables to determine the best caregiver-patient match.
Easy data collection and reporting
Increase reporting accuracy and timeliness. Forgetting to enter travel time or submitting incorrect billing info could mean a costly error. Skedulo allows caregivers to enter data on-site, without a need to delay admin work until the end of the day.
Simple system integration
Integrate with Salesforce, Zendesk, and other platforms. With a top-notch homecare software platform, integration with your current systems is seamless. Skedulo’s homecare software eases the adoption process.

How Skedulo benefits the entire homecare organization

Homecare software benefits your providers, caregivers, clinical leadership, and organization. From more time with patients to increased efficiency to deeper business insight, Skedulo’s homecare scheduling platform takes your organization—and staff—to a whole new level.

Simple, fast reporting

Gain detailed business insights into resource availability, growth by month, job types, and much more. Skedulo’s dashboards capture the important KPIs and metrics. Home health reporting has never been this simple or fast.

Real-time communication

In an industry where time is a remarkably important factor, Skedulo’s platform enables real-time communication among caregivers, patients, and healthcare providers. Updates are quick and easy, and are reflected instantly across the organization.

Optimized caregiver routing and mileage

Routes are frequently changing due to road closures and construction. Skedulo’s live mapping and optimized routing helps decrease providers’ travel times and mileage by providing the best possible route.

Optimized caregiver routing and mileage

More time with patients, less time with paperwork

Capture important appointment details in the moment, such as services performed, patient vitals, updated patient history, and next steps. Skedulo’s homecare platform makes it easy so providers can spend more time where it counts—with patients, providing high-quality care.

More time with patients, less time with paperwork

Business insight

Look at your business operations and logistics like never before. Skedulo offers better visibility into your mobile workforce, helping you gather and analyze key data points for your workforce. See important KPIs, right in Skedulo, to improve your mobile workforce management. 

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Business leadership

Leaders need consistent, reliable, scalable homecare software that makes day-to-day work easier for healthcare providers.

Up-to-date job details and data
Real-time information means data-based decision making. Mobile workers can record key metrics, such as travel times or skill sets, needed to estimate resource requirements. Skedulo’s intelligent platform puts data at your fingertips for informed decisions that increase efficiency and profitability.
Consistency and improved productivity
One platform means processes and workflows are consistent and productivity soars. Providers spend less time flipping between screens to find necessary information and more time with patients. Automated invoicing offers more consistent billing. Capturing incidents, such as a missed appointment, allows for proactive and consistent incident management. Skedulo offers a level of transparency that bolsters a culture of accountability.
Increased job satisfaction and retention
Homecare scheduling software eliminates inconsistency and uncertainty, giving everyone the tools they need to do their jobs. This consistency improves staff’s confidence, which in turn increases satisfaction and employee retention.

Providers, nurses and caregivers

With Skedulo, your mobile workers can spend more time with patients, and less time on administrative tasks.

Homecare organization

The benefits of Skedulo’s homecare software also reflect in organizational performance. Many of the advantages that affect individual departments create a positive ripple effect throughout the entire organization.
Compliance assurance
Skedulo’s homecare software ensures compliance across the organization. The software is designed with compliance in mind, meeting HIPAA requirements so patient information is secure and private.
Simplified communication
Communication among staff is simplified when it all flows through one tool. Skedulo’s unified channel of communication cuts back on confusion and errors. Plus, the single repository of information acts as the single source of truth whenever questions arise.
Efficient billing process
Store all pertinent billing information in a single, live source with Skedulo’s platform. All necessary personnel have access to the same, up-to-date database of information, and invoicing processes can be automated for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Flexibility across platforms
Because Skedulo’s home healthcare software works on multiple platforms, there’s no need to ensure a provider is using a particular or proprietary device. Mobile devices—smartphones, tablets—and desktops or laptops can run Skedulo’s homecare software.
Built-in growth
Grow your organization, without the worry of your software platform keeping up. Skedulo’s homecare software was designed to expand right with your organization needs—customization and growth are built right in.
Organic overhead reduction
Skedulo’s platform is designed to organically decrease overhead costs. By reducing travel time, increasing the efficiency of day-to-day operations, and increasing the time mobile caregivers spend with patients, the organization will see a natural reduction in overhead spend.

A homecare solution for a healthy outcome

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