Lab & Diagnostics Scheduling, Simplified

Laboratory and diagnostic imaging operations regularly deal with time-sensitive specimens, an evolving set of safety protocols and regulations, and staff shortages—all while balancing a heavy workload. Skedulo’s scheduling software and mobile app simplify laboratory and diagnostic imaging service schedules with staff scheduling, real-time communication, and more.
Laboratory and diagnostic workforce scheduling

Skedulo Booking and Appointment Management Software

Schedule appointments based on skills and capacity
Balance your service workload and streamline operations
Use powerful smarts to match technicians to client and service needs
Gain insight into your workforce efficiency with analytics and reporting

Book appointments against capacity

With Skedulo, clients are empowered to book appointments directly via a web-based portal. Capacity-based appointment booking flexes with the dynamic nature of your client load and available resources.

Lab & Diagnostics Booking Grid

Match the right technician to the work

Matching the appropriate technician to the appropriate client (and site, for multi-site operations) ensures a better client experience. Skedulo simplifies the process in one convenient place, enabling you to:

  • View your service workload in an intuitive graphical user interface

  • Automatically match the appropriate, properly certified technicians to your service workloads based on attribute tags

  • Optimize scheduling for maximum workforce utilization and service efficiency


Reduce operational burdens for your staff

Laboratory and diagnostic imaging technicians are valuable resources, but the challenge to attract and retain skilled staff is considerable. The Skedulo mobile app provides your staff with an intuitive resource around the clock, enabling them to view and manage their schedules, submit unavailability requests, navigate to work sites, deliver services, and communicate in real-time through centralized in-app messaging. Whether on or offline, your technicians can operate with an unprecedented level of ease and convenience.

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“The ability of Skedulo’s team to get the platform up and running and ready for the world was amazing. We were ready in a week or two as opposed to the month or two other vendors would need.”
Vinny Pacione
Director of Consumer Digital at BioReference Laboratories
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Connected and HIPAA-compliant

The Skedulo mobile app is HIPAA-compliant, so your team remains informed while keeping your client and patient information secure. Skedulo can integrate with other systems with our Lens API, so your data is connected to all of your critical systems.
Data encryption & compliance
All Skedulo data is encrypted in flight (TLS 1.2) and at rest (AES 256) on our virtual private cloud with access control lists. Skedulo is SOC2 certified.
Built for integration
Skedulo is able to be integrated with a range of CRMs, EHRs, EMRs and other business systems. Learn more about integrations.
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