Scheduling software for energy & utilities companies

Achieve a 20% increase in productivity by using Skedulo to efficiently manage and schedule your mobile and field workers. We give electricity, oil & gas, water, sewage and energy companies full visibility of their mobile workforce to help them get the right people in the right place at the right time…the first time.
Meet SLAs with ease
Under increased pressure to improve response times and demonstrate compliance? Skedulo empowers you to quickly mobilize your field workers when uptime is at risk, while delivering reliable data for audit and assurance.
Respond rapidly to critical events
To respond to natural disasters, you need a scheduling solution built for rapid response with on-the-go communication and collaboration. Skedulo can automatically identify the right worker and assign them to emergency jobs based on skills and attribute tagging.
Match jobs to the right skills
Manage a hybrid workforce of employees and contractors, with the ability to assign attributes to any worker based on skills, location, qualifications, certification, customer needs, history, and more.
Simplify complex projects
Automate and optimize staff scheduling across the full spectrum of construction, operation, and maintenance across all locations. Automate the sequencing of crews so skilled workers only arrive on site as they are needed.

Drive safety and productivity

Skedulo has been purpose-built for remote work, encompassing all the tools your frontline staff, managers and C-suite need to achieve business goals. 

The Skedulo platform is well-suited for many types of utility work: traffic safety, inspections, pipeline work, outages, permitting, encroachment calls, installations, maintenance, leak dispatch, and more. 

Utility companies use Skedulo to:

  • Manage deskless employees, contractors, and specialists by availability, location, capacity, diverse skill sets, and certifications
  • Provide appointment times with narrow windows by factoring in travel time and other commitments 
  • Automate staff scheduling to reduce operating costs and labor commitments
  • Instantly deliver data to and from the field and connect with your employees in real time, in any environment, with an iOS & Android app that offers offline capabilities
  • Integrate with existing systems of record to minimize errors and duplicative work

Advanced map capabilities

Skedulo is as easy and intuitive to use as any social media app. Utility workers can access the Skedulo app via their smartphones or tablets for easy access whenever they need it. 

Schedules are designed to optimize job assignment and routing to dramatically reduce travel time, without jeopardizing the safety of deskless workers. The Skedulo mobile app integrates with Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Uber, and Lyft to further simplify navigation for your staff, so workers get to where they need to be on time and waste less of their day behind the windshield.

Reduce overspend and boost profits

It’s difficult to balance opportunities with profitability and safety in higher risk sectors such as utilities. Skedulo supports you in gaining total oversight of your operations, while serving up detailed analytics on costs including travel, resources and worker outputs so you can make informed decisions. 

Prioritize business objectives and then use Skedulo’s smart scheduling features to ensure these objectives remain a top priority (i.e. cut travel time by allocating appropriately skilled workers who live closest and then suggesting the fastest route). 

Analytics & Reporting Dashboard User Interface

Skedulo addresses many workflows for the energy and utilities industry

After 1 year, Skedulo utilities customers typically have a

return ratio
increase in customer satisfaction
reduction in scheduling time

Enjoy custom configuration, fast and easy deployment and integration (Salesforce native), and a platform that scales with your business.