5 Secrets of Mobile Workforce Scheduling

Scheduling your mobile workforce doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful. No, we’re not dreamers or crazies. We’ll let you in on a few secrets about mobile workforce scheduling. Your organization will become more efficient and have happier customers!

1. Scheduling Doesn’t Have to Be Done by Hand

Shocking but true. Automation is smart enough to handle the complexity of scheduling and not break down crying. Paper schedules, whiteboards, and spreadsheets were not meant for all this rescheduling, matching employee skills to the jobs, applying job rules to appointments, etc. Online schedules are easier to share and there’s never a question about the most updated version.

2. Scheduling Is Tough for Companies of All Sizes

It’s not just the big boys who get confused. Every company with mobile field employees wastes too much time and energy on arranging and rearranging schedules according to who has to be where, when, with what. Software excels at tasks like these so everyone else can get back to doing their real jobs.

3. Better Scheduling Makes Customers Happy

So many people want to make customers happy that it’s a wonder they aren’t just grinning all the time. They’re not, of course. Customers get frustrated when a business is understaffed or a worker brings the wrong equipment to a job. In fact, just sitting there wondering when a mobile worker will show up makes customers unhappy. Now companies have the power to change that.

4. Things Are About to Get a Lot More Complicated

A benefit of hiring an employee is that you know where they are (most of the time). Independent contractors, 1099 workers and freelancers could be anywhere, accepting jobs from other employers right this second. Dispatchers need automated assistance with the complexity of contractor scheduling. Mobile and freelance workers are on the rise, so the time to straighten it all out is right now.

5. The Future Arrived and It’s Waiting Outside Right Now

You don’t have to wait. The future of scheduling is already in the app store. Skedulo has taken what used to be an administrative nightmare and turned it into simple, magical scheduling automation. Now any company with workers in the field can be sure they are putting the right people in the right place, with real-time communications and support at every step along their journey.


Mobile workforce scheduling is serious business, but there’s no reason scheduling itself can’t be fun. Skedulo shoulders the burden and frees your workforce to excel at what they love.

Download the eBook for the full picture of how Skedulo is making scheduling fun and easy for the mobile future. Scheduling is officially “cool.” The secret is out.