A Message to Our Customers from Matt Fairhurst


Dear Skedulo Customers,

I’ll keep this brief as we’re all inundated by emails of support and clarity in response to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

I want to let you know how Skedulo has positioned itself to support our customers during this time, and the steps we’re taking to ensure that our technology and support for you is maintained.

Skedulo’s mission as a company is to champion the deskless workforce through the power of our platform built to organize and enrich working life.

It’s not lost on me and my team how important this mission is right now — as we serve and support so many front-line workers who do not always have the luxury of working and being productive from home. A large majority of our customers deliver critical social and community services, healthcare and in home support services that are mission critical right now.

The entire Skedulo team is operating remotely from home and I’m very proud of how the team at Skedulo has responded in the face of turbulence. We are prioritizing the well-being of each employee, the security of their families and communities, and finally, the continuity of their work at Skedulo. I’m also encouraged by the ongoing support of our investors and other stakeholders.

We are continuing to develop products for the many workforces we support, as well as supporting new customer deployments.

In addition, we’re offering assistance in the following two ways:

  1. Unlimited additional user licenses for companies needing to add to their operating workforce footprint using Skedulo free of charge for the next three months.
  2. Access to our Customer Broadcast app to allow organizations to use our mass SMS messaging capabilities to communicate to your own customers regarding the delivery of front-line services and alerts. All SMS transactions sent using this service will be free of charge for the next three months for our North American customers and up to 10,000 SMS per month for our Australian/New Zealand/UK customers.

Please contact our customer success team to gain access to these resources at: [email protected]

One of our core company values is Caring for Each Other. This value is so important right now and I am personally available to support you as you continue to deliver mission-critical services, repairs, installations, healthcare and community support out in the community.

Thank you for your continued support of our company, and from our team to yours — stay safe.

Kind regards,
Matt Fairhurst