Product Release: Announcing The Deskless Productivity Cloud

Skedulo is excited to introduce The Deskless Productivity Cloud, a breakthrough solution that empowers businesses to manage, engage, and analyze their deskless workforce.

The Deskless Productivity Cloud is purpose-built to allow organizations across high-touch service industries such as Healthcare, Solar sales & service, Nonprofit, and Retail meet the needs of their business in five main areas:

  1. Manage work and organize the schedules of hundreds of deskless workers both mobile and in fixed locations
  2. Engage employees and customers through the Skedulo web and mobile applications to encourage collaboration, deliver satisfying experiences, and get more impactful work done
  3. Analyze work results and scheduling patterns to intelligently improve service delivery
  4. Configure a flexible solution tailored to existing business workstreams 
  5. Extend the deskless environment to interoperate seamlessly with the surrounding technology ecosystem

Enhancements and new capabilities released today are based on customer research and strengthen the core Skedulo platform and associated applications. With these additional capabilities The Deskless Productivity Cloud, powered by the Skedulo platform, becomes the leading choice in deskless productivity software for service organizations that employ both mobile and fixed-location workers.

Shifts & Rosters: Extends Skedulo’s Powerful Scheduling Capabilities to Deskless Workers in Facilities or Fixed Locations

With the introduction of Shifts & Rosters, companies are able to schedule their front-line deskless workers for both remote, appointment-based jobs as well as shift-based jobs at facilities and fixed-locations. The result is that deskless workers can be managed in one system, improving visibility to deskless workforce productivity and driving operational efficiency.

Features include:

  • Single-system visibility of schedules for all deskless employees
  • Ability to build base roster templates and re-use them 
  • Schedule, assign, and dispatch a roster for a particular time period. 
  • Track time spent working, distance travelled, and check-in/check-out time by location
  • View utilization and cost information for completed work
  • Monitor work completed for fixed locations separately from mobile work, as needed

Learn more about Skedulo shifts & rostering

Skedulo Analytics: Harness the Power of Data to Drive Efficiency and Guide Strategy

Traditionally data about deskless worker productivity has resided in multiple systems depending on industry and business requirements.The new capability uses data in a meaningful way to unlock insights that can improve worker productivity, drive operational efficiency, influence company strategy, and give organizations a competitive edge. 

Features include:

  • Ability to connect fragmented data across systems allowing Skedulo to serve as the source of metrics on deskless workforce productivity
  • Clear and actionable reporting on worker hours and costs
  • Simplified administrative and compliance reporting
  • Readily exportable data for 3rd party reporting.

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Dynamic Messaging: Engage Employees and Drive Productivity 

Many deskless workers have direct interaction with customers and are the face of the company. Their performance on the job impacts customer satisfaction, company reputation, and ultimately business growth. Dynamic messaging gives mobile workers a powerful tool to communicate on-demand with schedulers and other resources necessary to do their job well, resulting in happy employees and happy customers.

Features (in early preview) include:

  • Immediate communication between deskless workers,  schedulers, and other resources
  • Share key info and documents with the entire team involved in that job
  • Ability to directly connect forms and send data about a job to headquarters
  • Integration with the Skedulo Mobile App means deskless workers have a single “pane of glass” to access information needed for a job

Learn more about Skedulo dynamic messaging

Turbo-charging Integrations: Dell Boomi and Bridge Connector

Skedulo’s partnership with Dell Boomi makes it quick and easy to integrate business-critical systems that are already a part of your organization’s workflow with The Deskless Productivity Cloud. Dell Boomi supports over 1500+ application end points allowing businesses to tailor Skedulo to fit almost any existing environment.

Skedulo’s recently announced partnership with Bridge Connector integrates Skedulo’s intelligent scheduling engine with leading electronic health record (EHR) solutions and health care technologies through the Bridge Connector application catalog, which includes Allscripts, athenahealth, and Epic Systems. Health care professionals have access to all critical patient data in a single system, giving them more time to spend with their patients and improving patient satisfaction.

To learn more about how The Deskless Productivity Cloud may be right for you, book a demo today.

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