Evolving Deskless Productivity

Managing a large, mobile workforce to successfully deliver complex jobs is no easy feat—let alone being able to do it in the most cost effective, productive and efficient way. 

Historically, a lack of purpose-built software solutions has done little to assist, even as the numbers of deskless workers around the world have soared to more than 2.7 billion people. 

It’s time to evolve

Helping our global customer base manage their deskless workforces has been the sole purpose of Skedulo since our humble beginnings in 2013. Over time, we’ve refined and extended our solution with a goal to support deskless workers to be more efficient and productive, and increase the impact their work has on their customers. 

Our efforts haven’t gone unrecognised. We’ve won numerous awards and been named a G2 Market Leader in Field Service Management for several years running. However, it has always been the feedback from customers that matters most—and it’s this feedback that has inspired us to innovate and build out new solutions to address specific challenges facing organizations in a variety of sectors. 

Leveraging intelligence and automation to optimize operations

Studies have shown that 80% of technical experts across the industry accept that AI has managed to enhance workforce skills and simultaneously boost efficiency

In managing a field sales or service workforce, workers expect that any workplace app they’re asked to use is as simple and intuitive as the best apps on the market. Yet we still see many organizations struggling with clunky web-based apps that do little to empower workers and a lot to increase frustration. 

It’s small changes such as this that can have the biggest impact, because unhappy workers will never deliver the best customer experiences. Companies must start to prioritize their internal systems if they want to retain great staff, deliver great service, and stand out in their field. Better technology equals greater worker retention: Deskless workers empowered with sufficient technology are 2x as likely to be very satisfied with their job and over 50% more likely to stay at their job for the next five years.

In today’s world, achieving this state of operations demands the use of advancing technology (artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation). We recognise that AI and automation are critical to optimizing and streamlining business workflows, which is why these are baked into our solution.

It’s working too, with our customers reporting results such as:

  • Simplified complex scheduling (cut workforce scheduling by 48% on avg.)
  • Increased work capacity via optimized scheduling (increased billable appointments by 15%)
  • Empowered deskless workers (make workers 20% more productive) with an easy-to-use mobile app

Every improved customer experience, fulfilled employee, and cost saving counts. Playing phone tag to book an appointment, waiting 6 hours to hear a knock at the door for a technician, or having them show up without the right tools or information simply doesn’t cut it anymore.  

Being able to effortlessly allocate the right person to the right job at the right time (every time) is critical. And this is what we’ve been working so hard to help our customers achieve.

Unique solutions to solve unique challenges

The Skedulo Pulse Platform™ is the next iteration in our journey to accelerate deskless productivity. It provides the flexibility to scale, adapt and innovate, and has been designed with a completely human-centric approach to mobile workforce management in mind. 

The solution incorporates Skedulo’s Mastermind which allows users to leverage the power of AI to boost the efficiency of their workforce management. 

We’re proud to offer  3 distinct solutions which aim to solve the unique challenges that present within each of the following sectors:  

Field Service managementThis refers to any sales or service that is delivered in the field. It typically involves dispatching workers to a client to install, repair or maintain equipment or systems and could include maintenance, healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, heating and cooling systems, and so on. 

The Skedulo Pulse Platform makes it easy to:

  • Optimize scheduling for all types of work or appointments 
  • Use automation to match the right worker (skills, qualifications and attributes) with the right client in the right location at the right time
  • Leverage AI to optimize routes based on real road networks and historical traffic information to ensure travel plans are both achievable and reliable
  • Enable centralized, real time communication with workers
  • Consolidate field data for analytics and forecasting 

Our platform also allows schedulers to provide precise appointment times (rather than windows) via self-service or scheduled bookings to improve customer satisfaction and reach. 

Healthcare TherapyEffective scheduling can make or break a therapies business, yet managing the logistical coordination of care (be it physical, mental, speech, occupational or any other therapy) is challenging. 

We have listened carefully to the needs of therapies businesses and their care providers to engineer a solution that allows you to:

  • match carers with appointments based on skills, certifications, location, job attributes, and more 
  • maximize utilization of billable hours
  • validate bookings against specific rules (and flag any errors)
  • reduce cancellations and no shows with SMS/email notifications
  • optimize routes so carers spend less time behind the windshield

Importantly, Skedulo aids in care provider retention by enabling the fair distribution of work and allocation of jobs based on personal preferences (such as when, where, and what types of jobs they wish to take on). 

Public Sector Off the back of our extensive efforts to solve complex scheduling issues associated with the vaccination roll out, the Skedulo Pulse Platform is designed to manage the multifaceted needs of government departments. 

This includes bookings for community spaces (allowing constituents to self-book available spots online), in-office appointments with government representatives (i.e.: to obtain a driver’s license), and on-site inspections (such as a building inspection from a qualified public sector representative). 

Our solution is also designed to alleviate the pressures associated with scheduling public servants according to new hybrid (onsite and remote) work plans that have become increasingly popular following pandemic lockdowns. 

Exciting times ahead

We’re on a mission to optimize scheduling and resource allocation, reduce drive time, and help businesses keep their workers and customers happy—from the moment a job is received to the moment it is completed.  

Our objective is to sync with your unique business objectives, whether they be ensuring your VIPs are treated as such or guaranteeing the delivery of perishable goods in the fastest possible time frame. 

It’s time to look at your deskless workforce management holistically, so you can get the most out of each and every resource. Leveraging Skedulo’s capabilities could see you evolve from having a purely reactive team of manual coordinators, to a fully autonomous team focused on providing the ultimate employee and customer experience. 

To learn more about our Skedulo Pulse Platform solutions, contact our sales team or book a free demo