Faces of Skedulo: Jeff Karges

People are the heart of Skedulo, and success—for us, our team and our customers—is a collaborative effort. We are proud of our team’s achievements and celebrate them every month with our Skedgend Awards. A Skedgend is a teammate who has been nominated by their peers for consistently demonstrating excellence in our values:


In this series, we share the personal stories of our valued Skedgends who work on the frontline and behind the scenes to help make Skedulo a success.

Jeff Karges, Solution Architect, based in San Francisco | Skedgend Award Winner, August 2021


How long have you been with Skedulo?

I’ve been at Skedulo for almost 4 years.

Why did you choose to work with Skedulo?

Skedulo was a right time, right place situation. I had a friend who had an opening for a role I was going to start looking for soon. The stars aligned, even though my initial interview was supposed to be a couple of days before my daughter was born, and I had to cancel it because she came early. But here I am – still hired!   

What’s your favorite thing about your role with Skedulo?

I love getting to work with super passionate people who are way smarter than I am…which in turn makes me smarter. I love getting to solve problems, which is what the Solution Architect role is all about. 

Have you ever nominated someone for the Skedgend Award and why?

Yes, I absolutely have. When this program started, the first person I nominated was a developer I worked with over in Vietnam. He was the rock of the project. He carried me along and definitely helped me, so he was my initial Skedgend at the company.  

At that time, I was becoming a Project Manager and learning the ropes because I had never really been one before. I leaned on him pretty heavily to make sure I knew what I was doing and gave him what he needed to do his job. And in the end, we got there. 

How did you bond with your co-workers during the pandemic?

Having meetings with people and even just being on a Zoom call with them – you can still get most emotions across, and still bond with people. 

We’ve had so much growth at Skedulo in the last year or so and there’s a ton of new faces. Although I haven’t met any of these new people in person, I feel like I know many of them just from being on calls, corresponding on Slack, or chatting through email. 

The human element is still there, it’s just a little muted. But it’s definitely still alive and well. 

What does winning the Skedgend Award mean to you?

To me it’s all about determination, hard work, perseverance, and embodying Skedulo’s core values. It’s the culmination of what we all aspire to do and work for.  

How did winning the Skedgend Award make you feel?

The funny story about this is that I wasn’t even on the all-hands call when they announced that I had won. When I saw the congrats coming in on Slack, I had to sit back for a second and think. It was honestly overwhelming. It’s one of those things that you work towards, and it’s great to feel recognised. 

What stories supported your win for the Skedgend Award?

The last 6 months have been super intense with the growth we’ve been having at Skedulo. 

The Skedgend Award is all about the hard work and extra time we’re putting in to make sure we can stay on top of everything. So seeing that recognition and feeling that is a great thing.  

What company value did you win the Skedgend award for?

The value I won for is Customer driven. That’s my background, coming from hospitality before Skedulo. 

It’s always about the customer – you want to do right by the customer so you do right by the company. We are fully customer-focussed in everything we do at Skedulo. 

What does the word “Skedgend” mean to you?

I only got here because of the team that surrounds me. Yes, it’s the hard work that we put into projects, deals, and initiatives. But it’s really about the group effort which is now being enshrined in the Skedgend Hall of Fame.  

What motivates you to work hard?

First, the customers. Again, it’s all about seeing the customer happy at the end of the day. 

Second is innovation. There are new problems to solve literally every day. Nothing is ever the same. You get to spread your wings, learn new things, try new things, and be bold and brave.  

What is your proudest accomplishment at Skedulo?

Besides winning the Skedgend Award, I’ve done a lot of different things here.


I started as a Customer Success Manager, transitioned to a Project Manager, and am now on my third role here as a Solution Architect. Being able to make that movement in the time I’ve been here is a pretty cool thing.

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on a work call?

Obviously during COVID there’s been plenty of chaos going on in the background. 

Pre-COVID, I’ve definitely had multiple calls where people have forgotten to mute themselves!   

What’s been the biggest surprise about working at Skedulo?

In the 3 and a half years I’ve been here, I’ve seen crazy growth and change in our product. It was something I wasn’t used to coming from hospitality, and it has been amazing to see and be part of.  

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at Skedulo?

When we used to go out for company lunches, there were definitely times where no one would order a drink and I’d be like, “Beer please!”. 

Luckily most of the time a colleague would join me with a glass of wine, so I didn’t feel like I was the loner having a cocktail at lunch.   

What are you most excited about for the rest of 2021?

Personally, I’m excited to travel again. That’s what my wife and I really enjoy. 

Professionally, after seeing the change Skedulo has gone through and the massive growth we’ve had, the future is super bright. I’m incredibly excited to see where we’re going to take this and where our next barriers are going to break down.   

How does being at Skedulo allow you to be your best self?

It allows me to be authentic. I can have this cool beard at work. I can speak my mind without having to tip-toe around things. Being able to joke with your colleagues and have a little fun on the side keeps it light and fresh, and keeps everyone happy. 

What is your favourite food?

I do love food! I would have to say Mexican – it’s always my go-to. Although I never turn down Indian food. Sushi, ramen, pizza, pasta…honestly I could keep going so I’ll stop there. 

Who is your favourite person in business?

Maybe Richard Hendrix from Pied Piper. I always loved that show. I think the majority of people would say someone like Steve Jobs who I definitely respect. Anyone that pushes the envelope and moves things forward in these massive incremental changes is good in my book. 

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