Faces of the Frontline: Ashley and Mary from Scrubbi share their Skedulo story

Scrubbi is a residential cleaning service based in Vancouver, Canada. The company provides one off, temporary and regular cleaning to homeowners in cities across Canada and has recently expanded into the United States.

Ashley is the Operations Manager at Scrubbi and spends her days interacting with staff, cleaners and customers, and managing bookings to ensure they align with customer requirements and cleaner availability. 

Mary is one of Scrubbi’s most sought after cleaners. She loves turning chaos into order and giving people a clean house to come home to at the end of the day.  

Life on the job before Skedulo

Since starting with Scrubbi just over 2 years ago, both Ashley and Mary have been excited to watch the company experience rapid growth. 

“When I first started a couple of years ago there were 7 or 8 people in the office,” says Ashley. “Now we have 26, and 130 cleaners. Mary and I both started around the same time, so we have grown together and watched the company grow.”

Ashley still remembers how scheduling was done “in the old days” (18 months ago) using spreadsheets, emails and phone calls.

“Every day we would run a report with a list of upcoming appointments and check it against a spreadsheet with our cleaners’ availability.”

“We’d then send every cleaner an email with their schedule for the next day. They would email us back in the morning, and then before and after each job. Cleaners usually do 2 jobs a day, so that’s 5 emails every day from every cleaner — and that’s only if there were no changes.”

As the booking team received emails, they would respond and record the communications in another set of spreadsheets.

“We spent a lot of time trying to make sense of it all, and were less than half the size that we are now. We could see it was never going to scale.”

“When you’re putting that much effort into making everything go in a day — at the very basic level of scheduling an appointment — it’s hard to provide the level of service and support you want to. We just didn’t have time.”

Life on the job after Skedulo

Scrubbi now uses Skedulo to manage their operations including booking appointments, setting recurring appointments, keeping track of cleaners’ availability, check-ins and check-outs for each job, and routing so cleaners can get where they need to go quickly and easily. 

“When new staff join us I sit them down and say, ‘Learn Skedulo because we live here!’. It’s our bible; we spend our whole day looking at it and monitoring it.”

“Even though we have a bigger team now, we have far more appointments which is something we never could have managed without Skedulo. It also makes it easier to facilitate conversations with clients quickly when they have requests or changes. And it’s definitely improved inter-departmental relations between operations and booking.”

“With Skedulo we can see the swim length so it’s clear what times are available, when our cleaners are available, and what days we have everything locked in. It’s much more harmonious for everyone.”

As efficiency has improved, so have customer ratings — with staff freed up to focus on the needs of cleaners and customers. 

“Skedulo gave us the space to communicate better all round. We now have a Care Department and a Reviews Department who can focus on supporting our people which leads to higher satisfaction.”

“We can track results too, which was near impossible before. There were so many unknowns with the old system. Now we’re tracking things that didn’t even occur to us to track.”

“Skedulo is like having 10 more people working for us.”

Skedulo has also made life easier for Mary and other cleaners, who can now view everything in real time on the Skedulo app — including changes or last-minute customer requests which used to require more emails and panic phone calls. 

“Everything is so much better with Skedulo,” says Mary. “I have everything in advance so I can plan and personalize for each client. I like to be prepared so I’m always using the app to look ahead.”

“I used to spend a lot of time getting to and managing appointments, which now takes less time with Skedulo. I check in, check off my tasks, and check out. If I need to, I can also make notes which help us in the future.”

“Skedulo is quick and accurate and allows me to be even more efficient every day.”

I can switch off from work, sleep better, and plan time with family

One of the greatest advantages of Skedulo is the time it gives back to employees who have previously struggled under the weight of inefficient systems. 

For Mary, Skedulo means she can plan her time and know when she is available for her children and grandchildren. 

“I have a lot of kids and a big family so it’s nice to know when I will finish for the day and be available for my children.”

For Ashley, Skedulo has created space in her mind that was previously filled with worry about all the things that could go wrong. 

“It’s amazing to think about where we were and where we are now. The mental space it has allowed for me personally and professionally is huge.”

“I used to worry about the next day from the moment I left the office. Now if I’m home making dinner, I’m home making dinner. I’m not mentally living at work all the time which is a big change for me.”

“I also used to have nightmares about our cleaners getting lost and having to figure out where they were so we could guide them to the customer’s house! Now we have the Skedulo map, I can see exactly where they are and where they need to go.”

“I no longer have stress dreams about our cleaners getting lost in neighborhoods where every street has the same name! Skedulo’s map feature is a game changer.”

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