FAQs for High Capacity Vaccination/Immunization Scheduling Software

In speaking with organizations like state and local governments and private health organizations in the last 9 months, these are some of the common questions organizations are asking when evaluating high capacity scheduling software for COVID-19 test and vaccine administration.

Q: Is Skedulo High Capacity Scheduling mobile friendly?

A: Yes, it is compatible with any iOS or Android mobile device and is offline capable. 

Q: Can availability and capacity be set at the individual location level?

A: Yes, operations and admins can define and manage things like hours of operation, appointment time slots, capacity of appointments per time slot, and more, for one or multiple testing and/or vaccination locations. 

Q: Does Skedulo have the ability to manage appointments for vaccinations that require multiple doses?

A: Yes, there are a couple options for how you can manage this with Skedulo. 

  • An organization can ask the individual to book all of their appointments for each dose (usually 2-3) at one time and then they will receive confirmations and reminders for each appointment.
  • An individual can book their first vaccination appointment, and then once that appointment is complete, they will receive a reminder to book their next dosage appointment. 

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Q: Is any part of this process contactless, in order to reduce the amount of exposure for both those administering and receiving the tests or vaccinations?

A: Yes. When an individual books their appointment(s), in their confirmation they will receive a QR code. This QR code will then be scanned, using the Skedulo Mobile App, by staff members onsite at the testing or vaccination location to conduct contactless check-in for that appointment. 

Q: Does Skedulo High Capacity Scheduling offer appointment confirmations and reminders?

A: Yes. Skedulo’s High Capacity Scheduling solution provides appointment confirmations and reminders that can be sent via SMS and/or email. These messages can also be easily configured by operations or administrators in the same way that testing and vaccination location information can be managed. 

Q: Can you cancel or reschedule appointments?

A: Yes. With the confirmation code that an individual receives upon booking their original appointment, they can go back to the URL where they originally booked, input their code to cancel and then rebook a new appointment day and time. 

Q: Are you able to capture patient screening information?

A: Yes. There is an option for a configurable survey before an individual books to ensure that they are being appropriately screened in advance of scheduling a COVID-19 test or vaccine appointment. Organizations can also capture additional demographic information like gender, age, race, ethnicity, etc. 

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