G2 Field Service Management Report Ranks Skedulo Highest-Rated Leader

G2 has published the Winter 2021 Field Service Management Grid Report and we are excited to share the results and perspectives of verified Skedulo users. Skedulo was recognized with a number of achievements, including:

Reviews show that Skedulo customers realize return on investment 26% faster than average Field Service Management (FSM) customers. Additionally, Skedulo customers go live over 25% faster than customers of other FSM providers. Skedulo also earned the “Most Likely to Recommend” Enterprise Badge, a strong endorsement from our larger customers. 

Supporting Field Service & Deskless Work in the Age of COVID-19

We truly spend an enormous amount of time thinking about the challenges of deskless work, which have largely been amplified in the age of COVID-19. In fact, 51% of all workers say their job satisfaction has been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Many deskless workers have been working more hours (31% of the hundreds of deskless workers in our recent study), struggled to balance work and at-home childcare (24%), feel they don’t have the necessary tools at work (21%), and struggle specifically with technology during the pandemic (18%). 

With that perspective in mind, I am personally proud to work at an organization that strives to improve the lives of deskless workers and the teams that support them, earning feedback including:

“Game changer … Skedulo allows our entire agency to remain as efficient as possible, while continuing to services our patients with top notch care. Skedulo also provides a customer experience to our clients, that is similar to a human interaction. Our team loves Skedulo and cannot think back to what life was like without this platform!” 

“What I like most about Skedulo is how easy to use it is and yet still very multi-functional. Anyone with very basic computer skills can learn Skedulo and master it in a few hours (if not minutes….). I think without Skedulo, my transition to this new job could have been challenging. I feel comfortable with how I navigate through it like a pro ..and this is just my second week at work… I rate Skedulo very high and recommend it to any company…”

“[We like] the simplicity of use. We have many contractors and all are able to navigate it and it has made our internal systems far better. Before Skedulo, we used spreadsheets, which have their own flaws. One of the best features of Skedulo is that it has allowed us to scale our business. We have multiple teams of people who use it for different purposes and all benefit greatly from it. Whether it is a sales team looking for available workers to fill a job or a scheduling team looking to engage our workforce, Skedulo makes it all easier.”

“From a management perspective, being able to make schedule changes that reflect for end-users in real time is fantastic. Having the ability to view check-ins/check-outs by geolocation as well as timing is a great tool for individual accountability and time tracking.”

Compare the Top Field Service & Workforce Management Softwares of 2021

“Before we were using Skedulo, we were using email to communicate shift information with our cleaners, and spreadsheets to track availability, scheduling, and checking in/out. Skedulo has allowed us to schedule with ease, communicate the schedule and the needs of each appointment to our cleaners, track check ins/outs of each appointment within the app (previously emails as well). By not needing to spend so much time tending to the scheduling, we are able to focus our attention and efforts on other aspects of our company to help it improve and grow across the board!”

“Skedulo is really way ahead of others in terms of their technology-specific to healthcare. It has been really helpful for our team to utilize this platform in order to be able to schedule in real-time rather than having to go back and forth with a healthcare provider to schedule a visit out.”

“I like how versatile the program is. It almost seems like it was catered to our services. The application is very versatile and adaptable to our needs managing a remote workforce. It is user friendly for our staff along with the members of our remote workforce. It’s integration into our CRM has made it easy for us to integrate every aspect of the business to the application. I also like the ability to view the workforce schedule in different views so it easily adapts to our needs. The tags function is also very useful as we’re able to accommodate the needs of our clients along with the needs of our remote workers. Skedulo has helped us deliver a seamless service for our clients while accommodating our cleaning staff.”

Get the G2 Winter 2021 Field Service Management Grid

The full G2 Winter 2021 Field Service Management Grid dives into greater detail, including a comparative ranking of all Field Service Management vendors. Additionally, G2 provides a full collection of the 174 Skedulo reviews from verified users.

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