Transforming Innovative Organizations & Continuing as a G2 Summer 2022 Field Service Management Leader

G2 has published the Field Service Management Grid Report and Skedulo is honored to remain a leader while garnering the following achievements:

Skedulo also continues to be recognized for being a leader in Small Business, Workforce Management, and Employee Scheduling. Skedulo delivers world-class client service from first contact through deployment and beyond, customers benefit from a hands on, consultative approach.

Transforming Innovative Organizations

Skedulo builds deskless productivity software for the 80% of workers who don’t work in a traditional office setting, from employees in fixed locations to mobile workers on the frontline. On average, Skedulo users benefit from a 48% time-to-schedule reduction, a 20% increase in deskless worker productivity, a 15% billable appointments lift, and a customer satisfaction boost.

Skedulo is proud to partner with organizations with a deskless workforce and earn positive feedback in recent reviews, including:

“An excellent resource for managing multiple moving parts! Skedulo allows us to manage our field line team remotely, on the fly, and provides visibility for our leadership and line team on schedules and accountabilities.”

-Denis L, Branch Manager

“Skedulo helps me solve any inconsistencies between our records so I can see what should have been scheduled and if anything happened to that plan. We have so much going on every day the only way to see everything that is happening is with a system like this.

-Isabelle H, SSW Administrator

“The ease of use – the platform, either on a desktop managing it or the app to use it, is straightforward and clear. This is key when it comes to training new staff that use Skedulo as they can pick it up quickly without any issues. The platform offers a user-friendly way of making sure all of the staff we have are allocated to work and have all of the information needed at the touch of a button. Skedulo is enabling us to have all information in one centralized place that our logistics team can use and alter as and when needed. This gives everyone a live view of what is happening whereas before, using multiple spreadsheets, information could be missed or incorrect.”

-Jamie S, Professional Development Coach

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For complete details on the Summer Field Service Management market and Skedulo’s leader ranking, access the full G2 Summer 2022 Field Service Management Grid Report. Additionally, G2 provides a full collection of the 263 Skedulo reviews from verified users.

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