The Modern Workforce Podcast:
How Solace Enables Clinicians to Spend More Time on Care

Darcie Peacock

Being a traveling clinician is a position of honor and high necessity, but not always the easiest job — with extreme weather, isolation from co-workers, and mileage on the road. 

If you’re one of these road warriors, make sure you’re prepared with the best advice and a company working to enable you.

We’re talking with Darcie Peacock, Chief Executive Officer at Solace Home Healthcare, about Solace’s mission, life on the road, and transitioning to an electric fleet. 

Join us as we talk about:

  • What Solace does & their company mission
  • The challenges of being a traveling clinician & reducing environmental impact
  • Applying Disney customer service strategies at Solace
  • Initiatives this year at Solace

What Solace does & their company mission

Not all professional care takes place in a medical facility. Sometimes it can be done within the comfort of your own home. Whether it be therapy, nurse assistance, or family caregiving, all these services can be provided by traveling clinicians through organizations such as Solace Home Healthcare. 

Providing the mentioned pediatric home health services, Solace’s mission, outlined by Darcie, “is to provide exceptional care to our families, support these families in the community in their home, work with them in the natural environment, and ultimately help these families live their best lives.”

The challenges of being a traveling clinician & reducing environmental impact

“We want to serve these kids. We want to serve these families. And we're not doing our part if we're not taking care of our team who ultimately does the hard work.”
Darcie Peacock

Taking on the life of a traveling clinician can be highly rewarding, but with its fair share of challenges. Being aware of these small but important barriers can help you avoid them when possible but to prepare for the worst as well:

  • Knowing the safe gas stations to stop at
  • Food preparation for the car ride (peanut butter & jelly gets old)
  • Preparing for hot and cold weather while driving
  • Emotional toll due to isolation

Helping the environment 

As a clinician is busy navigating the challenges of driving house to house, it might not come to mind just how impactful all that driving is to the environment. That’s where Solace has been stepping in and focusing on initiatives to keep clinicians focused on patients. 

One big initiative is to condense clinicians to specific areas rather than have them drive long distances that could be covered by someone close. For example, houses A & B are within a mile of each other. Same goes for houses C & D. If Tom is driving to A & C and Mary is driving to B & D, they’re both losing out on time spent with patients and wasting more time on the road. 

Initiatives this year at Solace

Solace has received reviews recently that are coveted by the healthcare industry — professional, friendly, confident, creative, patient and supportive. And a big part of that is due to the diligence of removing barriers for their clinicians but also by the initiatives they continue to support. Darcy shares a recent project with us:

  • Technology update: Home health has been left behind in some ways — such as relying on fax or driving documentation to an office. Solace is providing a digital alternative to that for partners. 
“It's about always making sure that we're thinking through a day in the life of our employees.”
Darcie Peacock

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Darcie Peacock
CEO, Solace Pediatric Healthcare

Darcie Peacock’s commitment to connecting children and families with individualized, meaningful resources began as a social worker for child protective services in 2004. 

After receiving her master’s degree in occupational therapy from Washington University School of Medicine, her impetus for working in a setting that combined her passion for advocacy and healthcare access led her to support families in the home health setting.

As Solace’s CEO,  she has led its success in becoming the largest, most successful pediatric home health company in the state of Colorado. 

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