The Modern Workforce:
The New Healthcare Technology Workforce: On-Prem, Remote, & Hybrid

Lee David Milligan

What are the biggest concerns for the healthcare technology workforce right now? 

If you’re a CIO, recruitment and retention should be top of mind.

Enjoy our conversation with Lee David Milligan, SVP & CIO at Asante:

  • Recruitment, retention, and employee enablement
  • Repurposing on-prem spaces and supporting remote workers
  • How technology supports the notion of the hospital at home
“My number one priority as CIO is to focus on recruitment and retention.”
Lee David Milligan

Transition and tech

Lee is a “recovering ER doc” with a passion for technology. He’s driven to make a positive impact by improving processes for both patients and staff at Asante.

Asante is a massive healthcare provider in the Pacific Northwest, with over half a million patients. Almost 6,000 employees enjoy a strong organizational culture that’s heavily focused on community.

The data flow is immense as they work to build comprehensive electronic healthcare records (EHR) for every person they serve. 

Some teams were beginning to explore more flexible work environments before the pandemic. But since Covid, the infosec concerns have increased dramatically. How do you ensure HIPAA compliance in a non-secure environment?

People power

Asante’s mission is highly people-oriented. To deliver the best possible care while adapting to pandemic realities, Lee has developed a unique hybrid approach that combines on-prem data storage, field teams, remote workers, and patient care professionals.

He’s also focused on understanding the needs of his team members when it comes to issues like sourcing quality childcare. 

As a father of four, Lee is quite familiar with the challenges of parenting while working from home. As SVP, he steers Asante to be the employer of choice and attracts top talent.

Multifunctional space

With the shift to remote work, beautiful modern facilities and office spaces were sitting empty and valuable resources were going to waste. Over 80% of his staff were working from home. 

Lee was able to leverage this chance to create versatile multipurpose medical stations that benefit both patients and remote staff with state-of-the-art tech.

Hospital at home

In a significant number of cases, technology is enabling at-home treatment to be safer, more cost-effective, and result in better patient outcomes.

While people feel more comfortable in their own place, providing quality care away from a traditional hospital setting offers up a host of complicated issues. Lee believes there is significant opportunity as well. 

He visualizes a central operational software platform that understands each use case and coordinates all of the relevant information, from patient vital signs to delivery of medicines.

This will let you build a comprehensive electronic health record that organically aligns with your telehealth presence. Everything is documented and interconnected so field clinicians can deliver the best care, whether they’re bedside or via video conference. 

Lee is also vastly inspired by the success of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in developing cutting-edge home care plans in Florida, Arizona, and Minnesota.  

Under Lee’s guidance, Asante is exploring exciting new ways that advanced medical technology can bring quality healthcare to a wider community — while attracting and retaining top-tier talent. 

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Lee David Milligan
Sr. Director of Global Operations at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lee Milligan, MD, graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine in 1997 and UCLA Emergency Medicine internship/residency in 2000. He began practicing at Asante upon graduation.  Since 2012, he expanded his work to include roles in Asante ITS and Clinical Informatics.  He is Vice President of Medical Informatics, and serves on the Asante Board of Directors and the Asante Physician Partners Board of Directors.

Dr. Milligan was raised in Erie, Pennsylvania and attended the University of Utah for his undergraduate studies. He and his wife, Jennifer, have four children:  Sean, Jake, Molly and Danny.  In his free time, he likes to spend quality time with his family outdoors, and riding motorcycles.

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