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Area Wide Protective

Commercial Security
Number of mobile employees
Scheduling and dispatching efficiency

Area Wide Protective (AWP) used Skedulo and Salesforce to help with scheduling and dispatching, even during explosive growth. Learn how this traffic control and public safety provider was able to leave behind the burden of paper-based scheduling.

About AWP

Area Wide Protective (AWP) provides comprehensive traffic control and related services for infrastructure projects, construction and utility work. They manage, schedule, and dispatch roughly 5,000 mobile workers from more than 60 offices across 19 states. Over a period of two years, AWP has seen significant organic growth compounded by five acquisitions.

“With every office we were adding, with every service we were adding to our portfolio, it was critical for us to be able to automate scheduling both for those services and for those offices,” said Ashish Patel, director of strategic initiatives at AWP. “So we really needed a solution that was flexible to implement and also to scale.”

The manual scheduling process created challenges included delays on delivering or receiving critical business information, pain and inefficiency managing employee schedules against customer needs, and excessive costs. Significantly, the customer experience was also suffering due to inconsistencies and delays.

AWP Transforms their Business with Skedulo + Salesforce

AWP implemented Skedulo into their Salesforce instance to solve the complex scheduling problem at the core of their business, and the results have been dramatic for the scheduling team, the mobile workforce, the back office, and AWP’s customers.

For Schedulers

“We use Skedulo to enter work orders, gather all the work orders in one system, create jobs, dispatch those jobs, check statuses off all those jobs throughout the day, in real-time. So at any given point in the day, we know how many jobs we have scheduled, how many employees are working, what their status is, how many are completed, and we have access to all those hours and customer data at our fingertips.”
Ashish Patel
Director of Strategic Initiatives, AWP

For Customers

“It extends to our customer base a level of transparency that they enjoy. We’re able to measure capacity in real-time. We’re able to make sound logistical pairings, so our efficiency has improved, and of course translates into better service to them and more competitive pricing structures.”
Jarrod Wachter
Vice President Field Operations, AWP

For the Back Office

“Our back office team is ecstatic. They love Salesforce and Skedulo. It gives them data that is accurate and it gives them that data quicker than the previous process. Their customers love the billing team. Our payroll team is also happy because they don’t have to make corrections to the hours on a timesheet. And our field employees are happy that they aren’t getting inaccurate paychecks.”
Ashish Patel
Director of Strategic Initiatives, AWP

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